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    Fay DA too busy to apologize to crime victim
    witness he unnecessarily inconvenienced

    RANTS that a victim of a crime in early 2018 needlessly missed work for the fifth time again and drove 35 miles again for nothing
    because of the sheer chaos and disorganization in the district attorney's office in Fayette County.  

    Following the break in robbery, our crime victim appeared as instructed at the magistrates earlier this year, only to lear that there
    would be no hearing. A plea deal was struck, he was told, and his testimony was not needed. Weeks later, on July 1, our crime victim
    learned what happened, when he saw the man, who vandalized his truck to break in and swipe anything he could, featured in a
    newspaper article about a Uniontown residential treatment program for recovering addicts.

    However, the crime victim soon started receiving constables and witness subpoenas to testify in court after the man in treatment left
    the program and resumed a life of crime to support his habit a few weeks after the ink dried on the newspaper feature article about
    the treatment program and the man's front-page photo.

    RANTS that our crime victim wasted time over a few more days and had to take off work again in September and October, during
    court week, once again only to be told in October that he was not needed and that another plea deal was struck. He said that he was
    told to disregard the subpoena he received in October highlighted that he was to be available for both court weeks in October and

    But again, last week, our crime victim got a call saying he needed to return to court yesterday, Wednesday, Nov. 7, and, of course,
    he obliged. After reorganizing his schedule and going to Uniontown yesterday, he found absolutely no court in session at all, making
    him feel as though he were in Oz.

    As per a female working in the district attorney's office yesterday morning trying to explain the chaos to him, our crime victim was
    inconvenienced again and received no courtesy call to cancel the prior week's request for him to appear yesterday because the
    court paperwork from the previous subpoena, defendant plea deal and court dates was still sitting on the district attorney's desk and
    hadn't moved.

    In other words, those who would contact our crime victims are not psychic and had no way of knowing that this particular crime victim
    discussed here did not have to appear yesterday. Our crime victim told Rants&Raves that an unseen male voice from another room
    said our crime victim's testimony was not needed.

    It was not the voice of The Wizard, naturally. Our crime victim was not in Oz. He was in Fayette County, Pa.

    RANTS that Fayette County District Attorney Rich Bower is just way too busy to spare a minute to apologize to our crime victim for all
    of the inconvenience. Bower can't seem to get to prison board meetings, voter registration investigations, recusals in Fairgate,
    referrals to the state attorney general and day to day paperwork that, left undone, affects the crime victims and their employers left
    short-handed in private businesses.

    Meanwhile, Bower did find time as court paperwork sat untouched to pose for political photos before the election at the courthouse.

    Nobody wants to be a crime victim in the first place. RANTS because this type of prosecutorial disorganization and smug disregard
    for witnesses while plea deals take priority, only makes witnesses more likely in the future to look the other way and not want to
    come forward to attest to what he or she witnessed to help the next crime victim.

    Why would they when Fay's infamous plea deals -- seeming to follow along with an addict defendant's bouts of compliance and
    relapse -- and incomplete plea and court paperwork drag on and on and then get buried in piles on a desk.  

    RANTS because, as per the online court docket, our crime victim's defendant is scheduled next Thursday, Nov. 15, for another court
    appearance. No kidding!

    8 Nov 18

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