Keedy's take on Warner's Taco Bell,
    vending machine reimbursements

    RANTS that in Rants&Raves' elusive search of recent weeks for one current state
    lawmaker out there, who takes no per-diems, no actual travel cost reimbursements
    and no state-paid vehicle, we kept coming up empty handed.

    Seriously, we've looked under heavy rocks, asked some in office or formerly in office,
    talked to secretaries around Harrisburg and kept coming up empty handed. We
    thought at least we would find one out there -- you know, someone who may have
    been independently wealthy before going into office, or someone who already lived
    close to the state capitol.


    That's why it's surprising that young Democrat Ethan Keedy, challenging incumbent
    Ryan Warner for his legislative seat, would send postcards to registered
    Republicans detailing Warner's Taco Bell, vending machine food and similar low-
    budget receipts under actual cost reimbursements.

    We presume the total that Keedy quotes of Warner's actual cost reimbursements,
    $41,000, covers the past 22 months since Warner won his seat.  

    Since Keedy's mailer asks, what kind of Representative won't even pay for his own
    lunch, there's that presumption that he will accept his salary and no perks otherwise.

    In this Rants&Raves' hometown race, we want to know for sure.

    Keedy was asked a few days ago, if elected, whether he has plans to take no per-
    diems, no acutal cost reimbursements and no state-paid vehicle. He was in touch
    initially, but has not responded to the question. Rants&Raves reserves space for any
    reply should one be received.

    RAVES of hope that he realizes, if elected, salary minus out-of-pocket frequent,
    cross-state commuting costs, Harrisburg living costs, vehicle costs, gas, car
    maintenance and upkeep costs probably would equal sometimes not being able to
    afford even Warner's low-budge Taco Bell lunch otherwise on the road.

    2 Nov 18

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