More on the Democratic Party booth at the county fair

    While the first order of business should be a simple acknowledgement of a possible change in polling location, the second order of
    business for the Fayette County Election Board next week may be too far out of the range of comfort for the election board.

    Photographs that started to be sent to Rants&Raves in late July taken at the county fair do bear the images of Vince Vicites, county
    chairman, county election board member and county Democratic committee man, as well as some current Democratic row officers and
    Democratic candidates in county and state Democratic races.

    Images of political signs for each and every sitting elected courthouse Democrat decorated the Dem fair booth around those infamous
    prize contest signs, enticing people, who, quite honestly, probably couldn't have given too much of a rat's behind about Fayette County
    in the first place if all it took was one chance to enter a contest to win a concealed carry gun purse, a bottle of wine, or a stay at a
    mountain resort.   

    No. All it took was the sheer magic of one Fairgate evening, with its distant carnival music and child-like atmosphere, to opt to register to
    vote or change parties? Really? Maybe with some of us life-long Springsteen and the E Street Band fans, but, sorry... no.    

    The carnival fair atmosphere may have attracted some to register to vote and enter the fun contest, but one new Dem, upset because all
    the major news outlets ran with the story, likely didn't realize what insightful answers came from his mouth. His candor was refreshing
    and appreciated. He proved some of those who registered to vote at the fair booth advertising prize giveaways did so wisely for other
    reasons than wanting to vote.

    The thought of striking up personal conversations with elected officials and candidates in this and the next elections and registering at
    the Dems fair booth to vote and enter the prize giveaways was quite the smart move, he said.

    "I'll have someone if I need a favor," he reasoned by approaching the Dems fair booth.

    What kind of favor?

    To get a job, pay late property taxes without late fees or penalty, help push through a zoning or other county or state matter, help obtain
    a government contract, obtain a letter of reference asking for leniency if charged with federal crimes, etc. Did he mean those kinds of
    favors that he said some Fay elected officials have been known to pull for Fay's average Joes?

    Yes, clearly, he did. He could have used a political pal for a favor a year ago and kicked himself for not approaching the booth to register
    and enter his chance to win a tv at 2017's fair.

    Was he aware that the county election board was meeting to talk about Fairgate and that a hearing might be held another day? Or that
    an investigation might begin over it? No.

    Meanwhile, all of the network news coverage that Fairgate brought, now that, he repeated, he still could not understand. It happens
    everywhere, he said.

    Only, if it really did and does happen everywhere, why did he think that Fairgate would make the national news wires and onto millions of
    television sets?

    If it weren't a "big deal," Fairgate would not have made even the copy of the Greensburg newspaper which was the first to publish it.

                14 Aug 18

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