Fourth, said to have witnessed tainted meal county denies happened
    Three in FCP on May 8: Yes, we got glass shards in our dinner

    Three men currently incarcerated at the Fayette County Prison and one former inmate, released recently to resume his life
    and job, have said that three of them received shards of glass in their prison dinner meals on May 8. The fourth man said he
    witnessed the three unknowingly reacting to having glass in their mouths as they started to chew.

    All four men said that the three received replacement meals some 40 or so minutes later.   

    Following the alleged glass contaminated food incident, the three inmates also are said to have complained to guards and
    requested prison "red letter" complaint forms to complete, for written record of their complaints.

    These complaint forms for inmates to record concerns and complaints and seek action, reportedly, were not made available
    to the inmates, as required by regulations, to be available.

    It is unknown if the three inmates, known to be in a protective custody area, accused of crimes against children, were
    intentionally targeted with meals laced with glass for their specific charges. It also is unknown at this time if meals to any
    other prison range or area were affected.

    Prison board members were asked to comment on May 10.  The county sheriff told Rants&Raves that same day that the
    matter  was "under investigation."  Thirteen days later, when Rants&Raves asked again a few more times, we were told the
    matter with the glass was "unfounded."

    RANTS because none of the three who said they received shards of glass in their meals was interviewed. The fourth man
    was not asked by any investigator whether he saw or did not see the incident.

    Then in a Right To Know answer, the county this week said that nobody viewed prison surveillance video of the "B" range
    dinner. From the RTK answer, we'll presume, too, that nobody viewed video of the prison kitchen or the delivery pathway of
    the dinner to the "B" range to rule out tampering happened on May 8.

    In another RTK answer, Rants&Raves' request to view a 50-minute period of prison surveillance video of dinner time on "B"
    Range on May 8, we learned that prison surveillance video from that controversial dinner automatically was deleted after 20
    or so days by the surveillance system. We asked too late, they said.

    RANTS that nobody thought to keep surveillance video of the May 8 dinner on the prison's "B" Range. The prison board was
    aware of the allegations two days later that glass shards were in three meals. Officials were also told that inmates got
    messages to Rants&Raves that they were not given complaint forms that they requested to formally file complaints about the

    One would think the county officials would have wanted to keep that evening's dinner surveillance video, with the serious
    allegations already being out there that one or more inside the prison wanted to hurt or kill at least three people with food
    tainted with glass.

    RANTS that nobody kept that particular video. At this point in time, watching a video of three men eating dinner on May 8
    without incident, would be the only possible way that we here would believe that there were no shards of glass in their

    19 Jun 18
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