Mahoney, Gerard slam opponents online without proof

    RANTS that some local candidates for state office have never talked once on the campaign trail about their dream
    legislation which they anxiously await introducing to write new laws or change existing laws to cut through state BS
    and right the wrongs.

    RANTS that two in particular are leaning towards social media to spin gossip type information not backed with fact
    as fact, so matter of factly. One, Tim Mahoney, trying to win back his former legislative seat in the 51st District, wrote
    this yesterday of his opponent, incumbent Representative Matt Dowling: "...there’s no denying the truth about his
    involvement in this corrupt funeral home operation. Listen and learn."

    We get it that the two are opponents. Mahoney wants back his seat he lost in 2016. Dowling wants to keep the one
    he won in 2016. Neither wants to lose.

    But, RANTS, Mahoney goes too far. Given that the state attorney general rode into town to join the county district
    attorney to announce the arrest of the former funeral home director, and given the amount of time, energy and man
    power the state attorney general and local investigators gave the matter prior to the big media blitz arrest press
    conference, Mahoney's obsession to tie Dowling to the crimes there is shameful.

    Mahoney foolishly tries in his PR slams of Dowling to insist that Dowling just had to have suspected or known the
    former funeral home director was stealing at least $500,000 under the table, by pocketing pre-paid funeral revenue
    instead of entering it as income.

    RANTS, shameful, shameful RANTS, that Mahoney counts on voters being stupid and naive and willing to believe
    something just because he says it matter of factly.

    RANTS, too, that Mahoney's tell of the tale conveniently omits the huge detail that his pal, Bill Gerke, was an
    investor with the charged funeral home director, and, thus, Gerke met with Dowling very early on to talk about the
    funeral home's debt when Dowling was first interested in purchasing it.

    Gerke, as listed at this link of Mahoney's campaign finance report as the treasurer of the Republicans for Mahoney
    political campaign committee, is a school district board member and airport authority member. Given that Gerke was
    an investor with the charged funeral home director, why is it that Mahoney wants voters to believe that Dowling had
    to have known or suspected the fraud and stealing was happening but gives his buddy Gerke a pass on that same

    Doesn't Mahoney realize people realize that Dowling would've been taken out long ago by a state attorney general
    and district attorney if Dowling were involved in anything criminal at the funeral home? Rants&Raves earlier this
    week asked the district attorney to comment on Dowling's role as car parker and later person who copied financial
    reports for the bankruptcy courts.

    That said, RANTS that Mahoney still hasn't come back with any meaningful essays, campaign promises or directions
    he would take.

    RANTS that Mahoney counts on voters being stupid and naive in the funeral home matter. Anyone who thinks or has
    common sense knows that nobody wanting to invest a large sum of money in a legit business would proceed if he
    even remotely suspected the bankrupt former owner stole $500,000 in business assets and created an undisclosed
    $500,000 debt.

    Meanwhile, RANTS nearby the Mahoney camp at the Gerard for Senate camp, Pam Gerard posted on social media
    that her opponent, incumbent Pat Stefano, paid a county commissioner and another man to tell their friends to vote
    for him.

    "He even paid a commissioner and another man to tell their Dem friends to write his name in. I have proof. He then
    emailed people in the courthouse here in Fayette County to write him in. Isn't that against the law? I can't even
    wear a button or talk politics while there and he sends an email to people that work there, on the fayette county
    courthouse server!!!??? Ethics committee??? I have proof of that," Gerard wrote.

    Stefano, however, told Rants&Raves in follow up to being asked about Gerard's claim, "I have never paid anyone to
    support me." He added that he uses email addresses which individuals provide to him.

    "I’m careful to exclude government emails when I email individuals about campaign matters and if any email to a
    government email was sent it was inadvertent," Stefano explained.  

    For clarification, Gerard later told Rants&Raves that a Somerset Democrat commissioner sent 100 letters to people
    asking them to vote for Stefano. That official, as per Gerard, was criticized at a party event in Somerset County for
    doing so.

    Except, of course, for a situation when an official or employees are politicking on government work time, Gerard was
    asked why she thought it newsworthy enough to mention it in a public post on social media -- i.e., especially since
    her mentor, Democrat Tim Mahoney, even has a "Republicans For Tim Mahoney" political committee, with its
    treasurer Gerke, mentioned above earlier, who solicited donations for Mahoney from registered Republicans.    

    "Well, I guess you can ask anyone you want to vote for you or ask them for money.  I'm new at this. I don't know all
    the ins and outs or games of politics and I don't want too. It seems to be too confusing and dishonest," Gerard said of
    asking those from another party to endorse a campaign candidate.

    However, Gerard told Rants&Raves that she herself accepted donations from those outside her own Democrat party.

    "I have had lots of Republican friends give me money though without even asking. That was cool," she said.


    That all said, RANTS that candidates without a platform take the cheap shots when nothing else of merit comes to
    mind. As always, Rants&Raves reserves space graciously as promised, should Gerard forward her proof that her
    challenger paid Democrats to vote for him.

    24 Oct 18

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