Karen Gates-Miscovich

I’m sorry, but this is completely false. The document you
are showing is a 2017 business plan drawn up for my
company where Matt was going to be hired as the COO IF,
and only IF, my company was successful in purchasing the
Kezmarsky Funeral Home, which we were not successful.
A business plan is just that...a business plan....where we
outline what we hope to do to grow our business. Please
note that Matt Dowling was not a partner in my business.
As we did not purchase Kezmarky’s...we don’t have that
business, thus do not need and did not use the business
plan and certainly didn’t hire Matt....so OUR projected
numbers are a moot point. As this business plan belongs
to my company I would appreciate it if you would stop
falsely using it to the detriment of your opponent as your
accusations are completely false. I’m certainly not going to
get in to a pissing contest on here with anyone, but facts
are facts. If it is a public document, then fine...but
regardless, it is not what you claim it to be. Thank you and
I appreciate your cooperation. People can feel free to do a
public search on MD Properties LLC. The document above
was our projected business plan.....but we certainly do not
own the Kezmarsky building and Matt does not, nor has he
ever been, on our payroll. Thank you and I wish everyone
a good day tomorrow.
5 Nov 18
Below is a public post from Tim Mahoney's facebook that he quickly removed.
Karen is one of the people who wanted at one time to purchase a Uniontown
funeral home.
Tim Mahoney's
Social media
page prior to
deletion of facts
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