"Quotes Of The Day" from Tim Mahoney, Matt Dowling and that most dreadful, shamefully
    putrid Ringer video, viewed at Rants&Raves' request by professionals and semi-professionals in law
    enforcement, mental health, meteorology, newspaper political commentary, dance choreography, contact
    physical sports, as well as a few hundred prison guards, nurses, disc jockeys, sales reps, pharmaceutical
    salesmen for companies contributing to political campaigns, and a bunch of just regular eat-sleep-work folks
    who reply to invitations... to editorialize feedback to avoid the appearance of bias.

    "With all due respect, my good friend Bill Gerke was an investor in the funeral home. He lost over $430,000 of his own
    money and that is a lot of money for someone to lose.  I feel sorry for all the people who lost their money."
    Tim Mahoney, replying to being asked why he states in political talk and mailers that his political opponent Dowling knew
    about and knowingly did not report to police that the owner of the former Kezmarsky Funeral Home stole $500,000

    "So do I, Tim... I know a bit about the Kez history, from (far back as) Dr. Glad wanting his investment returned... It's a
    real shame Gerke and everyone else lost money. Maybe you, too.

    But it's very low to imply (Dowling) knew, when you're not God and don't know with full certainty."
    Moi, replying back

    About the video:
    "I saw no pushing, shoving or assaulting"..."It's yellow journalism"..."Matt should have let her film."..."No decent award-
    winning journalist calls himself an award-winning journalist!"..."He was trying to cover the camera. He wasn't pushing
    her!"..."He shouldn't have tried to block the camera. She did not put the camera down when he asked her the first or
    second time to "please" do so. They both were wrong, but the film makers exaggerated in my opinion all their claims
    of pushing"..."If the guy with his arms behind his back had been breaking the Kezmarsky story and the arrest were
    imminent or immediately recent, it would have been appropriate to go in like gang busters. Before I do that, I make sure
    the event is a public paid event and that everyone can see my hands and what's in them at all times."..."Did Tim watch
    the video? Was it edited to remove the pushing and shoving?"..."The guy with his hands behind his back is goofy for
    baitng male viewers asking if they would put up with someone touching his woman when I didn't see her being assaulted
    by touch."..."Not even a little bit. That's an outrageous characterization of what happened. Matt should have known
    better than to engage.  He is a public figure in, what appears to be, a public venue.  He's subject to video recording
    and was out of line to request that the camera be turned off. BUT.... That's no excuse for this inflammatory video
    narration.  That's embarrassing."..."Surely, others in that room saw what happened and could verify that he didn't push
    or touch her."
    Unedited Summaries of the gist of responses to live reader website visit chat, emails and social media
    messaging after video viewing

    Editor's Note:
    ... and apparently, there were others who, Rants&Raves is told, did witness that Dowling did not push, shove or assault
    anyone holding and using a camera at that special event luncheon.  

    Sorry, Mr. Ringer,  but even speaking as a blog, this editor can attest that Dowling consistently has demonstrated
    respect our way whenever questions, even really uncomfortable ones, were asked of him.  Maybe he knew this editor
    has been published in a few papers and places and could easily sell copy in free-lance outside this blog that could have
    tens of thousands of hits before noon.

    I don't think Dowling cared whether he got publicity for answering questions or explaining something or whether or not I
    wrote anything anywhere.  I had questions that he answered respectfully. I asked respectfully.

    I still have more questions. No doubt, I'll get more answers.     

    3 Nov 18