RANTS to all of those who want to whisper away the
    hours, about how bad corruption is in Fayette
    County, Pa., but still not have the balls to do one
    damn thing about it to change for their kids and

    Oh, they come with known names, authentic
    identifications, many familiar faces already known.
    They've worked their lives here, raised families here,
    and have many peers who stayed through their adult
    lives in this same place. Fayette County, Pa.

    That they're known, that they're credentialed, that
    they've never been known -- some for fifty or more
    years -- to lie or exaggerate, makes the recent spike
    in whispering time concerning. That they're quite
    respectable, inherently good, down to earth,
    reasonable, kind, generous, empathetic, decent
    people makes the angst of the whisperers'
    whispering all the more concerning.

    The Democrat Party of Fayette County and its
    candidate for state legislative office stooped to its
    worst lowest form of itself in its criminal attack on a
    GOP incumbent this week with lies and
    misinformation told to the court.

    How could men as bright as the Davis brothers not
    realize they asked a judge to deny the GOP
    incumbent s  emergency injunction partially based
    on pretend, imaginary credentials applied to a
    pretend, imaginary proposed business proposal for a
    future business that never was purchased or started?

    Imagine someone asking your spouse to write down
    his or her dream job, only for the spouse to be called
    in, a year or so later, to receive a negative work
    performance report for a job which the spouse never
    received or worked. Please pause a moment, really,
    to think of that surreal scenario.  

    That's the same twisted logic, essentially, that the
    bright Davis brothers presented to a gullible or
    playing along judge. It's the stuff, the kind of goofy
    stuff, that happens only in the Twilight Zone. Not in a
    respectable court of law. The emergency injunction
    case now awaits another judge to take over. He's
    the cousin of the Davis brothers.

    Next, the Democrat Party of Fayette County allowed
    the release of a fake video, with fake accusations
    that the GOP state legislator assaulted a female
    recording a video. Posing as ace reporter Clark Kent
    was a joint property owner or business partner of the
    Democrat's candidate or candidate's son with the
    same name.

    In the "reporting" shown on video of Clark Kent
    speaking, Clark went on about how the GOP
    incumbent assaulted the female with him on the
    video. The duo may have had a right to be present,
    ask questions and film, if public money funded the

    But the duo also deserves to be charged criminally
    for stalking by posing as "reporters" with a specific
    criminal intention to obtain video to use as a prop to
    harass, bully, slander the incumbent. Then, on a
    moral level, they owe the GOP and his wife a public

    The Democrat Party of Fayette, as an entity, and the
    Dem candidate used that video to spread fake news
    and propaganda, and hopefully shock and disgust to
    those who viewed it, hopefully on small phone
    screen where it might be easier to be duped to
    accept that what was said or "reported" on is true.

    Please understand, the use of quotations above
    pays no disrespect to freelance writers out there.
    Look how many, as more papers die, peddle stories
    independently to national news outlets for
    publication and had bigger things happen for them.

    It's just that this editor cannot imagine freelance
    writers or acclaimed journalists such as Salena Zito
    behaving so poorly.

    Nobody with any class or sense of integrity would
    have done what Clark Kent did, quite frankly.

    Add to the mix that our man Kent also walked in as a
    self-acclaimed award winning journalist, when, in
    reality, he walked in also wearing the invisible hat as
    political campaign manager for a Democrat
    candidate for state senate. Political signs for that
    state senate candidate were funded by the wife of
    the Democrat candidate of the 51st legislative district
    with the henchman fake news "reporter."  

    Back to the whisperers.

    Once upon a time -- i.e., especially around the
    period of 2014 in Fayette County history, when a
    handful of brave citizens paid tens of thousands of
    personal dollars to fight and successfully stop an
    industrial prison from being built on pyrite --
    whisperers' most common whisper was that they
    feared they would lose their job if some found out
    they signed a petition to stop the prison out of utter
    disgust over corruption, bid rigging and back room
    planning without public input.

    Job security and possible retaliation of being fired for
    objecting to a prison improperly being planned
    outside of County Code created worry and dilemma
    for some with jobs in government and some private
    sector jobs.

    Either that, or they worried aloud that somebody in
    the family next to be hired in a public funded job with
    full benefits might be passed over for a job. Those
    were the most common whispers of the whisperers

    Some of those, too, whispered, back then, in even
    more of a whisper, that they would be too afraid to
    vote on the prison referendum question, if the
    question ended up on the election voting ballot for
    the public to decide. Nor would they have wanted a
    spouse to vote no on any prison referendum then.  

    Those whisperers were afraid that they would be
    fired from public and private jobs, or not hired if they
    were next in line waiting for a government job, if they
    voted no to a referendum.

    Specifically, those whisperers whispered that they
    thought that their election ballot votes would not
    have remained private.

    In essence, they felt that the County of Fayette was
    that corrupt.

    Faked disappointment, anger when prison
    project was scrapped to please peers, boss

    Too many expressed to Rants&Raves back then --
    and even today, in retro-flashback, brought on by
    the shock of seeing someone put out a fake video
    and make outrageously false criminal accusations
    against an incumbent -- that they were ever so
    careful in their government or private sector job to
    feign sheer disappointment when the prison project
    halted in 2014.

    At that time, one of those with a sense of humor,
    almost always pleasantly crossing paths, was urged
    to throw in an occasional reference to "those
    damned Obstructionists!" just to put certain others at
    ease around them. That was the title, after all, given
    to citizens who questioned the need for a new
    industrial prison and demanded that back room
    county business be done in public, with public
    knowledge and input.    

    This time around, some of the same Dem players in
    government and private sector jobs, who in a
    whisper relayed they intentionally pretended to be
    mad the industrial prison wasn't built on pyrite, now
    said that they cried when they saw Clark Kent's
    video and were ashamed that they told others about
    One found comfort in knowing the person she told
    would view it on a large computer screen,
    fortunately, and see that the incumbent did not strike,
    push or assault the woman as she and Clark Kent
    claim. But what about the others told whose paths
    might not cross for some time, whose phone
    numbers are unknown, who aren't linked in social

    RANTS this bitter election season, that some claim
    that they are increasingly fearful of expressing their
    true feelings on Clark Kent's video, or on the
    county's tolerance of corruption across the board.
    People once worried they would be fired, or not
    promoted if they didn't play politics in their
    government and private sector jobs.

    More recently, however, the fears of the respectable,
    inherently good, down to earth, reasonable, kind,
    generous, empathetic, decent people grew into a
    more alarming fear that their homes will be bombed if
    they rocked the political boat.

    They cried for themselves for that reason. They
    expressed disgust and outrage with the video and
    Clark Kent's claims. They got scared that someone
    could be so hateful and that their candidate could be
    so morally bankrupt to allow the disgrace to happen
    and continue. Scared?

    A few said they cried for the incumbent, though they
    probably couldn't admit that elsewhere. Some said
    they didn't cry until later -- till realizing that so and so
    in politics lied to them when he shoved that small
    phone video screen in their faces and asked if they
    saw the video of the incumbent shoving around a

    One said he definitely lied, because she asked and
    he answered that he watched the distinct pushing
    and shoving on a large screen television.   

    Those not morally bankrupt who next read up on the
    matter relayed additional anger realizing that the
    judge was negligent when he thumbed his nose to
    the incumbent's emergency injunction last week to
    stop the lies.

    They knew, sadly realized in fact, they were duped
    into believing the Democrat Party of Fayette and the
    Democrat candidate's deception over the projected
    2017 business plan discussed in court that, in reality,
    was never implemented.

    It's understandable. People tend not to appreciate
    being lied to in any matter. This kind of deceit from
    the Fayette County Democrat Party, displayed even
    to long-time faithful party helpers, poll workers and
    others with political ties, is unforgivable.  

    Not being able to vote freely or having to hide one's
    true political feelings is unacceptable in American. It
    must be hell to vote one way out of fear of being
    retaliated against if one bucked or asked hard

    The self-inflicted sickness or dependence on a
    political party, or sense of obligation to support a
    specific candidate who works as a boss seems too
    dysfunctional and rampant in Fayette County, Pa.

    The attack by Clark Kent and his camera on the
    GOP incumbent, however, seemed to rattle some out
    there a little more so than other political maneuvers
    have in the past.

    The Pharaoh pulled out his pictures of some he had
    others catch in, well, questionable or embarrassing
    circumstances. He eliminated serious competition for
    his own political favorites by shaming them from the
    race with embarrassing known details of their private

    The next generation of corruption had the Audacious
    putting up their fake anonymous websites, but were
    spooked when caught for carelessness, during the
    harassment they imposed on any serious election
    threat in 2015.

    Unexpectedly, the public heard Audacious exclaim  a
    fake name of someone who put the horrible gossip
    website out there. Was he concerned about the
    reputation of anyone who was harmed? Not at all.

    Audacious spilled his guy by yelling out a name at a
    public meeting. Not out of respect for fighting
    corruption. He was back paddling. They were caught.

    Karma put the graphic author's cyber footprint on the
    trash and the owner of that graphic cyber company
    sat quietly with peers at a county employee meeting
    table, as the Audacious boss blamed a fictitious
    namely man, not to combat corruption, but to create
    legal reasonable doubt if his staff were charged.

    Now, the Boss puts out a shameful video of fake
    news and fake accusations that a man in office
    pushed, shoved and assaulted a female on video.
    Some things are, undeniably and, so unnervingly, a
    bit different this time.

    There's something horribly, horribly wrong when
    respectable, inherently good, down to earth,
    reasonable, kind, generous, empathetic, decent
    people who've not rocked the political boat, nor
    stepped on toes in their politically charged workplace
    to keep their jobs, start to cry watching a hateful
    political propaganda video.

    Nothing's right in a situation when someone wrings
    his or her hands nervously, plied with guilt and,
    admittedly, some personal disappointment and
    remorse in learning their candidate's deception.  

    Nothing's right in a surreal situation when sane,
    good, kind, decent people cry, but say they can't, no
    way, no how, lift a finger to do anything kind to help,
    because they worry that their homes would be

    There's something horribly wrong when sane,
    respectable, inherently good, down to earth,
    reasonable, kind, generous, empathetic, decent
    people turn instantly into unrecognizable, indifferent,
    apathetic, seemingly greedy creatures of political
    habit, in serious, nervous angst over losing a job.

    There are lots of comebacks there, though. Labor
    law and human relations laws are some assurance.

    There is no easy counter, though, when the sane,
    inherently good, kind, usually empathetic melts down
    when asked to confront corruption, over a new fear
    of political retaliation of having one's home fire

    The first time one hears it, it's easy to write off as
    some irrational, unfounded fear from someone who
    maybe stayed too long at happy hour or drank lunch.

    When one hears not once, but a few times in a short
    period, that the politically obligated feel they cannot
    question and must tolerate corruption, it's time for an
    intervention. Nobody should be that afraid to
    exercise his rights to a free election and support
    whatever candidate he wishes.

    Those who cry with angst that their homes would be
    fire bombed out of retaliation if they agreed on record
    that our man Clark Kent needs spanked for
    producing fake news are a necessary piece of the
    picture needed for corruption to thrive.

    Those who whisper and cry with angst that their
    homes will be fire bombed if they express disgust
    over a man being falsely accused of pushing a
    woman need to relocate from Fayette County, Pa.
    They undermine Fayette's progress just as much as
    the officials who do nothing without the support of
    their political campaign contributors.

    Mahoney must apologize for henchman

    What's right is right and wrong is wrong. There is
    reason for the Fayette County Democrats to demand
    that the committee's candidate for the 51st legislative
    district apologize formally to the GOP incumbent for
    his henchman falsely accusing him of pushing a
    woman. He should apologize publicly and do it today.

    The incompetent courts need to reconvene, come
    running to beg the GOP incumbent's forgiveness for
    neglecting to do its job when it ignored the presented
    emergency injunction.

    At a candle vigil Friday evening in Uniontown to
    honor the lives of 11 who perished eight days ago in
    Squirrel Hill in a mass shooting by an anti-Seminite,
    Democrat Party candidate Tim Mahoney told the
    group, "We all have to treat each other as humans."

    Yeah, right!

    The rest of us, and maybe even some of the
    henchmen, will learn so much quicker by being
    shown a proper, good example, Mr. Mahoney.

    You first.

    4 Nov 18

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