Bill Toms & Hard Rain Release
Smokin' Hot "Live At
Moondog's" CD On AmeriSon
"We went into this taking a chance by recording just one night," Toms said of the planning strategy behind the

Worst case scenario, Toms figured, would be that the project could be set aside and another live recording night
be scheduled if, for some reason, the June live performance failed to meet his expectations.

"I had the confidence that the band was playing at a high level, and I wanted to capture that moment in time,"
Toms said.

No second take or second live recording night was needed from the band which consists of Toms,
guitarist/songwriter/producer Tom Breiding, saxophone player Phil Brontz, bass guitarist Scott "Scooter"
Tamulinas, drummer Bernie Herr, and newest member, keyboard player  "Sudden" Steve Binsberger, formerly of
Eighth Street Rox.  

Instead, what resulted after the sweaty bar crowd, Toms, the band and Witkowski left Moondog's in June is now
a stunning performance, delivering exceptionally fine quality sound over Toms' solidly constructed music and
lyrics on the new disc's 11 tracks.
January 20, 2010
By Julie Toye
For The Herald Standard

Recording a live CD last summer seemed
the natural thing to do for Pittsburgh
musician Bill Toms and his band, Hard Rain.
Returning seven months later to the same
Blawnox bar for the formal CD release party
at Moondog's on January 23, 2010,
likewise, seemed the next natural thing to do.

To record "Live At Moondog's: Another
Moonlight Mystery, " Toms brought in Rick
Witkowski, well-known area musician and
owner of Studio L., to capture the
near-flawless music and warm ambiance of
the hot June night in one, single, live-take