Some of us acquire our passion from an
underlying drive -- say, for instance, in this
column editor's case -- from The Music Sickness.

Some of you, on the other hand, acquire your
passion from an obsession with sports, the arts,
the love of and for God, our families and friends...

while some of us grow up to serve our country in
the military, get honorably discharged, and
become senior, disabled veterans ridiculed
sometimes for demanding basic, common sense
things such transparency in government and
even more simple matters, such as that
defenseless animals not to be mistreated,
maimed or killed for kicks.
Coming soon: the Duck Whisper's defense
    Of those in that last mentioned group above, maybe a few, or less, or maybe just one becomes known as
    The Duck Whisper -- and gets criminally charged for raising her voice while protecting the flock or just one
    specific animal, say, for instance, that others have physically attacked, killed or maimed. Although she has
    contacted authorities for years about the animal abuse and has had the game commissioners come to
    help injured ducks, geese and animals that call the pond home, no other arrests have been made.

    The latest to take their shot at the disabled veteran, reportedly a health care professional in scrubs, whose
    children reportedly were being unkind to the ducks, is said to have followed the Duck Whisperer home on
    foot, carrying a scary exotic animal, while, reportedly, displaying a mouth of a sailor cussing and calling
    the disabled veteran a nut for living in "a crazy house."

    The building the woman in scrubs clutching her pet fox followed The Duck Whisperer to actually is a
    senior citizen apartment complex near the duck pond.

    Meanwhile, on another night, someone left this dead duck with a green noose around its neck, tied to the
    Duck Whisperer's car. State Police were at a loss to find the putrid one or ones responsible for that move
    to intimidate and silence the disabled vet into giving up her political causes and stop complaining about
    the ducks hurt nearby her home.     

    Rants, dear readers, that this is not twisted satire, but something that regional tv news likely will jaunt to
    Fayette County to cover soon.  (16 Aug 17)
Marybeth Homistek, as shown in this 1950s circa photo,
with her first pet duck.