At break time, we started outside to get some air. Only there was a fight out
there. Opie was into it, peeking down from the porch.

"Isn't that your one friend?" Opie asked as we looked down from the porch at
the two women rolling on the ground. Yes, it was. An out of towner came to the
Highland House and called our one friend a lesbian. We all knew before she
seemed to know that that was her orientation, and she defended her own honor
by kicking the lady's ass.

"Would you both stop it, this is embarassing," I told them. Someone broke it up.
Our friend stood outside with her back towards us. I felt badly for her. Not the
kind of coming out party she probably had hoped for but got. I tried to make a
joke, but she cut me short.

"Where'd you find John Boy?" she wanted to know. Finally, someone else
watched the same show.

"So, are you a lesbian?" Opie/John Boy asked her. Once again, I pulled him
away, but in this case, before he was the next one rolling on the ground with her.

Further down the parking lot, he got a wiff of someone's joint and asked if he
could buy some of that, reminicent of Pinto in "Animal House." When I started
to say no, someone came from behind me, bent me over backwards and kissed
me. It was Billy.

"Who's that?" Opie asked me as I appeared breathless and in a trance.

"I'm not ready for you yet," Billy said as he always said before he walked away
each time the kiss ended.

When I could talk, I told Opie about him. I was probably the only female who
had his mother for a teacher and liked her. I told him that once and he kissed
me. That started it. We never had another conversation.

"And he just comes up to you, no matter who you're with, and kisses you for two
minutes and walks away?" Opie asked, just amazed. "And you LET him?"

"Yeah," I answered, "yeah," still smiling and staring at Billy smiling and waving
goodbye to me.

"Wow!" Opie/John Boy exclaimed. Then he asked where we were going as we
passed an old cemetery. Over there to a disco. This hop to the next bar was the
usual break time activity when we went to the Highland House. Less than a block
away from rock heaven were the town's disco people who all had Saturday Night
Fever for what seemed like several years after a cure was found for the ailment.

And in a flash, Opie/John Boy and I were part of that culture shock. I didn't
know that he was the King of Disco in Jersey. The rest of the town I knew who
wasn't at the Highland House then asked, "Where'd you find Opie?" when the
dance was over. He was a very good disco dancer. I was not.

"Look at all these women wanting to dance with you," I told him, hoping he'd
forget he wasn't dressed for it and stay behind. No, he said he was definitely my
date for the night.

Walking the block back to the Highland House, we heard a loud female voice.
When we turned the corner, we saw a young blonde woman bent over mooning
her bare behind and yelling repeatedly at a second floor hotel window, "F You! "

"Isn't that a friend of yours, too?" Opie/John Boy asked me. It was.

"What's going on with her," he truly wanted to know, so intrigued.

In a nutshell, someone in the band was involved with her sister and he obviously
did something that angered the mooning sister who was yelling like a lunatic.

"This is so much fun," Opie/John Boy exclaimed!

Back inside, making our way down front again, we came face to face with one of
the members of the band who moved to the right or left when I did so in an
attempt to stop me.

"Hi, Dollface," he said to me. "Want a Dorito?" he asked as he shoved a chip in
his mouth. No thanks.

"Where'd you find Richie Cunningham?" he asked. I did not answer. Just kept
trying to get around him. "What's the matter, Doll Face, am I too BIG for you?"
he asked and laughed, as I gave him a look of total disgust.

In response, I said that his endowment was a total waste on him and that I was so
disgusted that he entered a room not long before that night and exposed himself
in front of my friends and me.

"Did he really do that," Opie/John Boy/Richie Cunningham  asked me as we
passed Dorito Mountain. "You know some really strange people!" Opie/John
Boy/Richie Cunningham exclaimed.

"Would you please stop it with the exclamations?" I asked him. "If I ever write
about this night, nobody will believe you exclaimed so much."

Opie/John Boy/Richie Cunningham's feelings were truly hurt and I felt badly.

He said goodnight, asked if I wanted a ride home and left when I said no. My
date was over. I joined my friends down front, started to make the best of the last
set and Girls Night Out. I did feel badly that I hurt his feelings. Then someone
grabbed me from behind and bent me backwards to kiss me. Billy never did this
more than once a night out. Oh, it wasn't Billy. This was a much better kisser
even than Billy.

Shock! Exclamation! It was Opie/John Boy/Richie Cunningham under the
influence of kamakazis. He walked out of there much cooler than he was when he
walked in.        jt

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