GOP gains majority
    Voters send Ambrosini packing

    While Democrat challenger Vince Vicites received the most votes in yesterday's commissioners' race, Commissioner Angela
    Zimmerlink and Republican challenger Dave Lohr placed second and third to win seats to comprise the 2016 majority board
    of county commission.

    In spite of receiving what has become known as the kiss of political death -- i.e., the endorsement by the local paper --
    Ambrosini and his history of lying and deceit brought him a 4th place, losing vote total.

    Ambrosini wasted over $3.5 million of public funds on a failed jail construction project and $1.25 million no-bid land deal, as
    readers here well know. He also did not report $34,000 in personal loans from what he claimed was debt from 2010-2011
    until late 2014 on campaign expense reports and created several new county jobs for campaign supporters. In recent months,
    approved selective $4,000-5,000 raises for key county employees, including one employed as his assistant by day and
    political campaign staff outside the courthouse.

    Ambrosini also falsely touted claims that he created 100 new high paying jobs off Route 201. Towards the end of the
    campaign, he even falsely claimed to be running with Vicites as a team.

    RAVES to voters for showing up at the polls to make it happen. We sincerely wish that the next board  of county
    commissioners can back paddle and catch up to clean up Ambrosini's huge left mess downtown. While it would have
    benefitted the county to have had back challenger and former county commissioner Sean Cavanagh, the results are what
    they are and the 2 seasoned vets, Zimmerlink and Vicites, will have to get Lohr up to speed.

    Although Lohr is a registered Republican, he did not receive an endorsement from the county GOP.  (4 Nov 15)
Election night tallies:

10,050 Vicites
7,559 Ambrosini
8,838 Zimmerlnk
8,319 Lohr
6,071 Cole
6,097 Cavanagh