Ambrosini:Chair Gone To His Head?

What on earth are they thinking?
Are they thinking?

Even people who don't particularly like Fayette County Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink are shaking their heads
and asking what's up with her being black balled from meetings and routine county business.

By routine business, we mean that the county human resource director has ignored Zimmerlink's directives to
start the recruitment process to replace two key department heads ... and things such as Commission Chairman
Al Ambrosini stating a week ago at a meet and greet with Ken Burkley, the new solicitor, that he, Ambrosini, is
the only commissioner to communicate directly with Burkley.

In follow up to that meet and greet, Zimmerlink wrote Burkley a letter three days ago to say, "Please make certain
that I am included in any and all communications you have with or on behalf of Fayette County, with respect to
your duties as outlined in the Consulting Agreement Contract, and I will do the same."

As though the solicitor actually might give a hoot! While he most definitely should care, it's unknown, but
doubtful, that in private he counseled the commission chair about how unreasonable that request was. Is that not
the role of a solicitor, to watch out for the county's back?

Given that the solicitor was tooted as being so knowledgeable of county government functions prior to being
hired, you'd think that Burkley would steer his pal to stop thinking aloud and expressing such ridiculous

It's as though the county Democrat commishes and a few in their circle are daring Zimmerlink to file a suit
against this current county board as well.

As for how Commissioner Vince Zapotosky feels about not being allowed to talk to the solicitor, well, we don't
know but have asked him. In the meantime, we suspect that he's probably fine with the arrangement since he's
not speaking out against it.

All ranting about him aside, however, we do worry about him. In March, Zapotosky told this editor that he never
slept the nights before county meetings his first four years in office because of the high stress levels at the

We have to wonder then just how he's sleeping now these days.

9 Jul 12
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