Ambrosini's Sunshine Law: It's Really Not About The Weather!

Mushrooms grow nicely in the dark. But somebody over at the Fayette County Courthouse really needs to open
up the blinds and let in the sunshine, to shed light on why the rest of us are kept like mushrooms in the dark on
things that we should know.

When County Commissioner Al Ambrosini ran for election last year, he campaigned on a strong promise to
restore professionalism to that office. However, he is miserably failing at keeping that promise by chairing closed
door meetings minus key players and the public.

Ambrosini doesn't know or does know and chooses to ignore basic government rules such as The Sunshine
Law. Ditto for the county controller, too.

Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink should not have to write
her blog to inform the public of mushroom items
growing behind closed door meetings with county officials. But it's a good thing she does.

How else would the public know, for instance, that a quorum of the Retirement Board met last week behind
closed doors to discuss alternative pension options? Or that the human resource director is not responding to
Zimmerlink's directive to start the recruitment process to fill key vacancies that soon will occur, given that
Children and Youth Services Director Dave Madison and Tax Assessment Director Jim Hercik submitted their
resignation letters?

All of this is such bullshit, unless both gentlemen revoked their resignations. More likely, their replacements have
already been decided behind closed doors.

Add to the secrecy Zimmerlink's contention that the county solicitor was instructed to speak only to Ambrosini
and we have professionalism taken back 10 steps in county government.

When this family's 7th grader studied the Sunshine Law,
this particular web link was a helpful reference learning
tool. We happily pass this information along to those meeting behind closed doors  and urge them to bookmark it
and quiz one another on its contents.

What Ambrosini was able to do in private business before being elected was one thing. But now dealing with
public money, he needs to conduct discussions and county business in public meetings.

In other words, he needs to stop acting stupidly and ask a 7th grader for tutoring if needed on the subject.

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