Al's donations:
Women Under 40
Political Action
Committee, unions
donate heavily

RANTS to being even more
confused, after obtaining the
actual copies of the 2014
Friends of Al Ambrosini
campaign reports.

While the report provided a
hearty chuckle to learn that
Ambrosini received a hefty
$2,500 donation from the
Women Under 40 Political
Action Committee, the report
also shows that Ambrosini
withdrew $500 from ATMs on
3 occasions in error last year
and, supposedly, repaid the

Of interest, more so, is the fact
that Ambrosini now claims that
he and his wife loaned the
campaign $34,000 in
2010-2011 and are just now
remembering to post the loans
($10,000 on 5/11/11; $10,000
on 5/5/11; $5,000 on both
12/10/10 and 2/10/11; and    
$4,000 on 3/23/11) as
outstanding campaign debt.  

These "loans," however, were
not included in past year
campaign fund reports, from

Why not?
(10 Feb 15)
Ambro campaign in
$30K debt to him,

RAVES of confusion reading
today about the debt discussed
in the newspaper of
Commissioner Al Ambrosini's
campaign committee, Friends of
Al Ambrosini.

As per the Herald Standard*
today, "Commissioner Al
Ambrosini reported that his
committee has $30,000 in
unpaid debt and an end of year
cash balance of $32,855.

The debt was incurred in 2010
and 2011 when Ambrosini and
his wife made loans to the
campaign committee, according
to his report. Al Ambrosini took
office in 2012."

We all know he goes through
money like water, but how can
this $30,000 personal debt be?

As per campaign finance reports
filed on 8 Dec 2011, the Friends
of Al Ambrosini committee listed
a Zero amount of unpaid debt.
Ambrosini, himself, signed as
the committee treasurer.

A debt of $7,181.51, however,
was filed on 30 Jan 2012, by
Philip J. Jaworski,representing
Ambrosini's political committee
as treasurer a year later.

That debt, however, was
attributed to an advertising
expense to a Pittsburgh
company, PRS Data Systems.
2014 Donations to
The Friends of Al
taken from the Campaign Finance
Report, by Rebecca Ambrosini,
filed 1/30/2015, with the Fayette
County Election Bureau

Women Under 40 Political Action
Committee (WUF PAC), Finleyville,
International Brotherhood
Electrical Workers, Pittsburgh, PA;
Local 66 PAC Club International
Union Operating Engineers,
Pittsburgh, PA;

Al Ambrosini (8-12-14, note states
this donation is repayment for
errors in ATM withdrawls)

Chevron Employees PAC, San
Ramon, CA;
Iron Workers Political Action
League, Washington, DC;
Carpenters Legislative Program  
(no city, state listed);
International Brotherhood
Boilermakers Local 154,
Pittsburgh, PA;
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 365
PAC, Youngwood, PA;
Gary S. Sefchok, Greensburg, PA
(gave $500 twice in 2014);
David Widmer, Rochester, PA
(gave $500 twice in 2014);
John M. Ganlon, Uniontown, PA
(gave $500 twice in 2014);
John Hranec of McClellandtown,
PA (gave $500 twice in 2014);
Timothy Mahoney and Elizabeth
(also gave another $300 in 2014);
Fred and Rhonda Zeigler,
Uniontown, PA (also gave another
$100 in 2014);
Kathy Pape and Robert P. Trinkle,
Mechanicsburg, PA;
Robert Cranmer, Pittsburgh, PA;
Robert Lee Jurosco, Uniontown,
Shawn Pilla, Connellsville, PA;
Paul Hartley, M.D., Uniontown,

NiSource Inc. PAC, Columbus, OH;
Pittsburgh Sustainability PAC PA,
Pittsburgh, PA;
Frank Ricco, Brownsville, PA
(donated $300 twice in 2014);
Charles B. Friedlander, Harrisburg,
Joseph P. Maher, Darragh, PA;
Kenneth Holsopple, Sharpsville,
PA (donated another $250 in 2014)

Highmark Health PAC (Camphill),
L.R. Kimball (Ebensburg),
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 354
International Union of Painters and
Allied Trades, IUPAT (Hanover);
Robert W. Similo, Elizabeth, PA;
Robert W. Cranmer, Sr.,
Pittsburgh, PA;
Thomas W. Gerke, Uniontown, PA;
Benjamin and Kathleen Moyer,
Farmington, PA;
William Gadd, Bridgeville, PA;
Kenneth Burkley, Greensburg, PA;
Gary A. Sobek, Uniontown, PA
(also gave another $150 in 2014);
Kenneth W. Holsopple, Sharpsville,

Donald Robinson, Uniontown, PA

Rick C. Vernon, Uniontown, PA;
James Stark, Uniontown, PA;
James Davis, Uniontown, PA;
2 of 2,Gary Sobek, Uniontown, PA;
Samuel Davis, Uniontown, PA;
Robert Baker, Uniontown, PA;
Timothy P. Yurcisin, Irwin, PA;
Guy P. Cordaro,Connellsville, PA  

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
William Martin, Smock, PA;
W. Jane Groomes, Connellsville,
Charles and Sally Calabrese;
Isabella A. Pilla, Connellsville, PA
    Ambrosinis take 4 years to post
    their $34K loan to his campaign
    expense report

    And media ignores the truth
    Ambrosini's contributors: contracted county
    vendors, county board/authority members galore

    RANTS that Commissioner Al Ambrosini appears quite comfortable accepting political
    donations from those who are contracted county vendors and from those he has appointed to
    county boards or authorities or with whom he conducts regular county business.

    A look at the names of contributors to the Friends of Al Ambrosini, his political campaign
    committee, pulls several known names that stick out like sore thumbs.

    While Ambrosini accepted and kept
    the political contributions, how
    comfortable should the county be
    knowing that he took money from
    the contracted county insurance
    agent, the county actuarial pension
    representative and county board
    members he appointed?

    Ambrosini, plain and simple, makes unwise ethical choices in what he says and does. He does
    not realize the potential for lawsuits that he puts the county in, by taking political donations
    from county vendors and persons he has appointed or tried to appoint to authorities and

    RANTS that the area newspapers that really do come by here (IP reader traffic lists are
    available to review as proof) almost daily to read are not looking closely at  Ambrosini's
    campaign contributor lists.

    Just where the hell are the watch dogs of the public's trust?  (13 Feb 15)

    More on his fundraiser events
    Ambrosini's campaign expenses,
    donations in 2014

    Since the circulating 2014 Friends of Al Ambrosini Campaign Expense
    Report keeps on raising eyebrows and prompting people to shake their
    heads in disbelief and wonder, the campaign's expenses are now
    added online here, with the contributions.

    In addition to including very first time ever mention that the political
    committee is in debt for $34,000, from 5 personal loans from Ambrosini
    and his wife back in 2010-11, the recent annual campaign committee
    report also shows that fundraisers bring out the campaign donation
    check writing.  

    Profiting in getting campaign contributions seemed to coincide with 2
    sets of invitations mailed to the same 12 people for fund raisers.

    The Mountain Club fundraiser
    Ambrosini's September private mountain club fund raiser, or its
    invitation, seemed to draw the Women Under 40 Political Action
    Committee in, with a $2,500 donation.

    Ambrosini's campaign took in about $8,000 in 12 donations from 9/2/14
    through 10/4/14. Event food for the event at the September
    Westmoreland mountain club is said to have cost $3,099.

    Good thing for the Friends of Ambrosini that the Finleyville ladies were
    big spenders last September.

    Minus the cost of food, mailings and invitations, the Friends of
    Ambrosini were set back about $4,000, roughly the same amount of
    profit from the fundraiser invitations and/or the actual fundraiser event.

    Profit would have been only $1,500, without the Women Under 40's
    generous $2,500 donation.  

    Duck Hollow fundraiser

    It is noted, on the other hand, that the spring/early summer fundraiser at
    Duck Hollow seems to have generated $5,460 in donations from 10
    people, cost $2,178 to hold and saw a profit of about $3,000.  

    Lucky, also, for Ambrosini, the unions generate checks his way, not just
    for fundraising events, but, seemingly, more randomly sent the rest of
    the year. (12 Feb 15)


         "Quotes Of The Day"

    "Al's 3 error withdrawls of $500 from ATMs from the campaign
    committee fund and subsequent repayment are inexcusable, too. There
    is no excuse for that kind of repetitive mistake."
    Dave, this evening, picking up the 2014 Ambrosini Campaign Expense
    Report for the first time and commenting on Ambrosini's 3 odd ATM
    withdrawl errors and repayment.

    "Sure, there's an excuse. It's safe to assume that (Commissioner
    Angela) Zimmerlink wasn't riding shot gun with him to explain the state's
    campaign spending restrictions... or whatever it was that he failed to
    read or understand... before he went to the ATMs."
    Pete's wife

    "No matter who you talk to, he or she tells you the same thing. People
    who shouldn't make political contributions -- people who have
    government appointments, business, contracts, etc. -- all seem to
    manage to funnel the gift, under the guise of it being a contribution from
    the actual giver's relative."
    Dave's wife

    "An architect from Ebensberg contributed to Ambrosini's campaign on
    September 9th. Not long thereafter, that architect was not chosen for
    the downtown jail expansion project by the other 2 commissioners.
    Ambrosini, took to the newspaper to plead the case for the architect,
    who had just contributed to the Friends of Al Ambrosini, to get the
    downtown jail contract.

    "Why would he take Kimball's contribution and then tantrum to try to get
    Kimball the county downtown design contract?"
    Pete, shaking his head in reaction to reading the 2014 campaign
    financial report

    "For goodness sake, doesn't Kimball have a relative?"
    Dave's wife

    From earlier today...

    "Between mid-September and early November, Al Ambrosini wrote off
    $248.48 worth of gasoline as a campaign travel expense.  That's
    ($248.48) a significant
    amount of money from campaign donations to spend to drive to help get
    other people elected."
    Pete, today, at the diner, reviewing Ambrosini's 2014 Campaign
    Finance Report aloud to curious minds next to him, doing the math in
    his head that -- based on a vehicle that gets 25 miles to the gallon, and
    gas being an average of $3 -- Pete said that $250 paid for about 2,000
    miles of driving

    "Dave, we found old counter bills for you, from 2010 and 2011, that we
    forgot you owe!"
    Waitress, teasing Dave, laughing about the $34,000 that Ambrosini and
    his wife now claim the campaign committee owes them for loans they
    forgot to include on 2011-13 reports as outstanding debt
    The Friends Of Al Ambrosini's
    2014 Campaign Expense Report

Editor's Note: Normally, there is no need to pause for this type of
declaration, but there seems to be a need now. Thanks to readers
unfamiliar with the Women Under 40 Political Action Committee for
looking it up for confirmation that the group is very real.

That the Finleyville chapter of women under 40 interested in
political action donated $2,500 to the Friends of Al Ambrosini is

The contribution mentioned in recent days here from that group of
young women from the Pittsburgh area is documented on the
political committee's 2014 financial report.

In other words, it may sound satirical, but it is a fact.

To the couple Pro-Al readers, who wrongly feel that this editor
spoofed Al with a fictitious $2,500 donation from Women Under 40
Political Action Committee,
please call your guy and have him set
you straight.

Surely, I jest? No.

13 Feb 15
Copyright Protected
                                                         A Rants&Raves close up look

To follow will be a check with
the election bureau, to see if
any amended reports were
made along the way from 2010-
2012 to reflect the $30,000
personal debt and to obtain a
list of current Ambrosini
political campaign
contributors. (8 Feb 15)

*from the story, "Zapotosky late in

Did Ambro try to get his
campaign donor on 2015
airport authority?

Back on January 8, when the county commissioners
met to appoint 2015 county board and authority
members, that day only one new member -- John
Cofchin, to the airport authority -- was appointed.

Commissioner Al Ambrosini, as we recall, objected
to appointing people that particular day and
protested that he had "people" he wanted to

He claimed not to have seen or known about the
several different emails sent to him and his
personal assistant for weeks in December, asking
him to attend interviews.

Nonetheless, on January 8, Ambrosini was unable
to state any particular name of anyone he wanted to
interview, when he was asked at the public meeting
to do so, or he simply chose not to state names in

Given that one of Ambrosini's
generous campaign contributors had
twice donated to him in 2014 and
often attended airport meetings with
him, it seemed
more than just a bit
that the man's name did not
effortlessly roll right off Ambrosini's
tongue on January 8, when asked to
name even 1 person he wanted to
interview and possibly appoint to a
board or authority.  

Also wanting the airport authority seat that Cofchin
received appointment to at that public meeting on
January 8 was a Uniontown Republican, who
donated twice to Ambrosini's political campaign in
2014 and attended airport authority meetings with

Is there anyone out there who believes that's
not the
person Ambrosini wanted to name, interview and
appoint over Cofchin?


Given their personal history, however, it's
peculiar that Ambrosini could not or did not easily
his acquaintance's name on January 8, when
a fellow commissioner asked him to name even 1
person he wanted to interview for volunteer authority
or board seats.

For goodness sake, we all know that political
candidates always easily remember names of their
repeat campaign contributors.

no way in the world that Ambrosini should
have forgotten the name of his repeat campaign
donor. (16 Feb 15)


2014 Statement of Expenditures,
Friends of Al Ambrosini

1. Al Ambrosini, 3/4/14, $500 ATM withdrawl error,
said to have been repaid 8/12/14

2. Walmart, 3/24/14, $14.95, printer cartridge

3 Martin's, 4/7/13, food donation

4. Al Ambrosini, 4/9/14, $500, ATM withdrawl, said
to be a payment for a loan

5. Friends to Elect Brad Geyer, 4/15/14, $250

6. Friends of Harry Fike, 4/24/14,  $250

7. CYS Donation, 4/17/14,  $10 (ten dollars is not a

8. Tammy Boyle, 4/28/14,  $100, donation

9. Al Ambrosini, 3/11/14, $500 ATM withdrawl
error, said to have been repaid 8/12/14.

10. Connellsville Printing, 6/14/14,  $187.62,
fundraiser invitations

11. U.S. Post Office, $245,  6/14/14, $245, stamps
for fundraiser mailings

12. Friends of Harry Fike,  5/18/14,  $2,000

13. Duck Hollow, 6/13/14,  $1,728.65, fundraiser

14. Al Ambrosini, 7/2/14, $500 ATM withdrawl
error, said to have been repaid 8/12/14

15. Community Foundation of Fayette, 7/24/14,
$650, Imagination Library donation

16. Connellsville Printing, 8/19/14, $182.32,
fundraiser invitations

17. U.S. Post Office, 8/21/14, $294, fundraiser

18. Staples, 8/25/14, $43.43, labels for fundraiser

19. Walmart, 9/2/14, $139.82, paper supplies and
printer ink

20. U.S. Post Office, 9/5/14, $68, 1 year post office
mailbox rent

21. Becky Ambrosini, 9/8/14, $350, reimbursement
for supplies for fundraiser

22. Chuck Cantalamessa, 9/23/14, $600,
fundraiser entertainment

23. Mountain Club, 9/19/14, $3,099, food for

24. Martin's Fuel, 9/19/14, $92.02, travel expenses
(self serve gas, oil, etc.)

25. Martin's Fuel, 10/03/14, $89.98, ditto

26. Fayette (?) Committee, 10/28/14, $100,

27. Westmoreland/Fayette Boy Scouts, $175,

28. Geyer Performing Arts Center, 11/10/14, $100,

29. Martin's Fuel, 11/5/14, $71.48

30. Colebrook Candy, 11/19/14, $319.20, donation
to FC Courthouse Christmas

31. Penn State Extention Dinner,
4/25/14, $30, donation

32. FCHC Christmas party, 12/8/14, $85

33. FC Courthouse Open House, 12/12/14, $30
Commissioner Al Ambrosini

Did memory loss stop him from saying donor's name?
Did he not want to endorse a Republican aloud?