Because They Say It's Alright, It's Right???
Since the FCBHA director says her in-house review committee reports no privacy violations were found
in her RTK released information to us two weeks ago, this editor sees no reason now to withhold this
documentation from readers. The lengthy RTK answer from FCBHA will open as a pdf file, possibly
slowly on older computers.

Because the privacy notice on FCBHA's website referenced in her email below did not open tonight,
possibly due to some glitch,
here's an alternative link to a government site if you read the year-long
tracking of out of network and Uniontown Hospital's behavioral health admissions and believe there are
too many identifying bits of patient information in the RTK release.

With patients' ages added by November's report, it's simply amazing that FCBHA says it's OK to release
data that a 63-year-old employee of Uniontown Hospital and 48-year-old employee of Trinity Hospital
received psychiatric services in November of 2011, that a 63-year-old and 70-year-old Uniontown Hospital
employees received inpatient psychiatric services in December of 2011, and a 30-year-old county resident
employed at Meadville Medical Center received inpatient psychiatric services in January of 2012.

Thank goodness our little group of mental health professionals outside FCBHA was wrong. You know,
there must be far more 70-year-old Uniontown hospital workers than we think!


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Email in response to your inquiry.

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From: Lisa A Ferris
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Subject: RE: RTK requests - hippa regs redacted info

After review of the report in question, we did not violate any HIPPA regulations.  Also, FYI our Privacy Notice  
is on our website including a confidential call in number for any complaints/concerns etc.

I copied Carole Rochek as FCBHA Privacy Officer and Carol Over as Fraud and Abuse Coordinator.   And I fill
the role of Corporate Compliance Officer.
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Thank you Ms. Ferris. I would appreciate the results of that meeting so we are all on the same page.

Amy Revak
Chief Clerk of Fayette County
724-430-1200 ext. 213
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Subject: Re: RTK requests - hippa regs redacted info

ok.  i dont believe any breach occurred but have placed on my Corporate Compliance Committee mtg agenda for
this month. i will let you know outcome of that mtg.

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On Sep 4, 2012, at 1:58 PM, "Angela Zimmerlink"
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Amy and Lisa,

It has been brought to my attn that documents released under a RTK request to Julie Toye contained information
that may have been required to be redacted.

Specifically, the documents released I am told were the UH admissioners prior to 3/12 and info included the
patients workplace, age and name of therapist.  I am told that some are able to deduce from that the name of the

Please check HIPPA regs and make certain that when info is released the county is redacting any required

I have not seen any of the documents and I am relaying only the information received by the commissioners.

Please review and make certain the county is in compliance when info is sent.

This email is not stating either of you were not I again, I havent seen the documents and am reminding you both
to make certain it does not occur.

Thank you, CommZimmerlink