Time To Terminate The Insubordinate Subordinates
When employees refuse to follow directives from bosses, employees are said to be insubordinate and get canned.
Happens all the time in the world of private business. Not always here in county government, though.

Last week, Fayette County Commissioner Vince Zapotosky insisted that a department head inform him in writing
how a controversial contract for a new service came to be. He made the request during a 2 week period when
the department head was off work. Some of us bleeding hearts were ready to put her photo on a milk carton
during that period, when nobody knew really quite what to think. Considering there was talk that someone
pressured the department head into a contract, there was concern that it might be so.

Though she finally informed her bosses that she was returning to work on August 2nd, sources told this editor
she arrived back a day early. We took that to be a good sign.

In her absence, others assured the commissioner that the requested written piece of information was being
drafted. Then it would be one work day late. Red flags started going up when sources, and then Zapotosky
himself, confirmed that a lawyer was writing the essay.

What? Why a lawyer?

And then on August 3rd, Zapotosky learned that there would be no report. Nope. Not an explanation. Hit the
bricks, Vince, he might as well have been told.

Considering that answers aren't flowing and won't be, we have to wonder why are these defiant employees still

If it happened once, it will happen again.The time to be concerned that mystery puts the county at risk of
lawsuits from scorned providers and ones getting paid less for the same service is very real. And since nobody's
talking about how the whole deal even started, how can we be sure that no dirty politician or unsavory lobbyist
got the ball rolling in the first place? Absurd, some might say? How can we know for certain when nobody's
explaining. We can't.

The time for the county -- that is, the three commissioners who can make that decision as the bosses of the
county -- to give up the medicaid behavioral health fund 5% profits has come.

The hassles of all that come with it, including the Diva attitudes and drama, bring too much controversy.

Give back the role of managing behavioral health care dollars directly to the state. Give up the 5% profits. Lay
off the department that manages the behavioral health care dollars. Terminate the contract with the Trafford
insurance company that pays the claims to behavioral health care vendors/providers.

Give back straight medicaid to recipients for their behavioral health care dollars. With a new and fourth medicaid
provider, Coventry, a long-time Medicare provider, coming into Fayette to expand to serve medicaid recipients
for the first time, the time is right to throw in the towel. Sooner or later, the 5% profit for coming in under
budget will be gone and the department head, who won't disclose reasonable facts, will cost the county a tax
increase to cover costs.

The stand off between the bosses and the subordinates is an embarassment to this county. Commissioners
should make certain it never happens again. The only way to do that is to dissolve the redacted contract with the
Trafford insurance company and give the role back to the state.

And, by all means, terminate all the subordinates who were defiantly insubordinate.

7 Aug 12
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