Editor's Note: Please see the February 5, 2014 UPDATE.
Evelyn Hovanec <evelyn.hovanec@verizon.net>  Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 4:16 PM
To: Julie Toye

The Referendum Group (still no official name but some want "Concerned Taxpayers")
met on 1/9/2013.  The core group is made up of 6 members-----Mr. &Mrs (Ralph &
Jerry) Mazza, David Show, John Buchannon, John Cofchin, and me.  We are of varied
political views, but we agree on the importance of this Referendum.

Currently, we are involved in writing the Question to be placed on the Spring Primary
Election Ballot for voters to vote "Yes or No" on.  We have selected the needed State
laws to support our request for a Referendum and are also revising the Fayette Election
Bureau Candidate Petition sheet for use as a Prison Referendum petition sheet.  We are
seeking qualified volunteers to circulate the Referendum Petitions during the official
Petition Circulation period---2/18/2014 to 3/6/2014 petition Return Date.  More on this

We hope to schedule at least 2 dates in early February to explain the petition
circulation process and do's and don'ts.  Anyone wanting more info on this and
other Referendum matters should watch for updates in the HeraldStandard and
Courier, on the WMBS talk show, or by contacting me via mail at P. O. Box 294,
Uniontown, PA 15401 or email---evelyn.hovanec@verizon.net.

We also are looking for groups, businesses, etc. who may be interested in having
someone talk with their group or to explain to businesses or others how they can be a
part of the petition signature gathering process.  All Petition Circulators and petition
Signers MUST be currently registered voters in Fayette County.  This Referendum
Effort is not a part of any political party.  It is by and for the voting taxpayers/citizens of
Fayette County.  State law requires that any petition signer must be a registered voter.

This is probably the first effort in modern Fayette County history to give the
taxpayer/citizen of Fayette a chance to make known his/her stand on whether they agree
or disagree with the way their money is spent by their elected officials ( in this case the 2
Majority Commissioners).

The decision by the 2 Commissioners on the need to build a 30+ Million Dollar (the
interest on the bond/loan will be around 28+ Million to be paid over 30 years) prison in a
new location somewhere in Fayette has not involved the citizenry or been a completely
open, public process.

Apparently, a sizable amount of the discussion has been limited to certain
individuals/groups while those who will pay the bills have been severely limited in their
opportunities to enter the discussion.

Since voters have not had, so far, a legitimate opportunity to speak their mind on the
topic, we believe that their only option to affect the accruing of a nearly $60 Million debt
that could have serious long term effects on the people of Fayette is to participate in this
Referendum Effort.  The Referendum if passed would be Binding upon the
Commissioners.  If it is passed, commissioners must do what the referendum Ballot
Question states.

Our Group will meet again this coming week.  I will try to keep you informed.

Evelyn Hovanec
P. O. Box 294
Uniontown, PA 15401