An all-new jail won't fix
these problems:
14 sentenced to SCI still in Fayette cells; warden fails
to include DOC inspection on agenda or bring
Zimmerlink's requested reports to meeting
While the county pays out the wazoo for 42 out of county cage
rentals, 14 prisoners previously sentenced, who should have been
transferred to state prisons, remain at the county lock up.

Additional problems that were discussed today at the county prison
board meeting reveal these same, ongoing problems that seem well
beyond the administrative staff's ability to resolve:

-The long-awaited DOC inspection report was not brought to
today's meeting or discussed because the warden did not put it on
the agenda as he was asked to do. Commissioner Angela
Zimmerlink said today after the meeting that the "DOC informed
me that they were on site November 6th, and sent the preliminary
report to the warden and sheriff on January 7, 2014." She said that
there is a response due February 7. "When I asked why I was not
given a copy as I asked, the sheriff said he thought the warden
gave it to me and the warden said nothing."

-The number of non-violent prisoners incarcerated is still a
ridiculous mystery, as the jail administrators still have not
completed the report. This number has been requested for many
months by the courts and adult probation office for possible
resentencing to the Day Reporting Center.

-Policies cited as non-compliances in past prison inspections are
only 70% completed. Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink said after
the meeting today that the warden was previously directed to
forward them to the prison board as the policies were completed so
that the policies could be implemented. He was directed today to
forward those one week before the next prison board meeting so
that the board can review them and place them on the next agenda
to be adopted.

- An inmate work program that should be utilized is not being
utilized, as per Zimmerlink, because the warden chooses not to
utilize it. Initially, the warden today said there was no such work
program. He, reportedly, does not want to use the program because
he feels inmates will return to jail with contraband. No kidding!

In regard to developing a work release program, Zimmerlink said
today that there's "no reason not to implement" a work release
program, but that the county needs to "determine if any inmates
have jobs in order to be released."

That the jail administrative staff haven't had time or the skills to
arrange transfers to the state prisons, complete policies cited in
the last 3 annual inspections and count the number of non-violent
prisoners to utilize alternate programs is shameful.
(29 Jan 14)

29 Jan 14
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Angela Zimmerlink
<>  Wed, Jan
29, 2014 at 4:13 PM
To: Julie Toye

The population report for out of
county is 42. The paper will mostly
likely report the comments of the
Sheriff, Controller and
CommZapotosky of how much
money is spent in other counties;
however, when told that 14
inmates are sentenced to DOC and
still here in the county jail no
comment or suggestion or
directive of what to do to get these
14 out of our county and free up
14 beds.  Warden said its the
paperwork and staff said DOC
hasn't gotten back to them.  Next
step:  determine the timeframe
from sentence to jail getting
paperwork to DOC transfer.

The reports that have been asked
to be presented i.e. # of non
violent so that a determination
could be made by the Courts/APO
for a possible resentence utilizing
the Day Reporting Center & the
report the Court has been seeking
for months...was met with the
report can be done but it will take
some time.  Well, look at the
prison board minutes just how
much more time is needed.  Then
there was the statement that its
the computer company.  Next
step:  having company come in for
mtg and getting the stakeholders
in a room for a mtg next week
(stakeholders are APO, Courts,

The status of revising the Prison
Policies/Procedures was met with
70% is completed.  Neither the
Warden or Prison Brd Mbrs had no
real response to me saying that he
was directed to present them to
the PBrd as they were being
completed so we could adopt.     
Next step:  I told Warden to
forward those 70% to us one wk
before next prison board mtg so we
can review and it will be on the
agenda to adopt.

Inmate Work Program - Warden
said we did not have one.  I showed
it to him. He said it wasn't in
effect.  I informed him it was just
not being used. Warden said he
does not want it because inmates
bring in contraband. I told him
this past summer CO's took
inmates across the street to clean
up Hardy's waterfall area and
there is no reason why the inmate
work program cannot and should
not be used.  Next step:  Warden
to provide us with why he does not
want the program while we review
the policy and it will be discussed
next month.

Work Release Program: No reason
not to implement at this point.
Need to determine if any inmates
have jobs in order to be released to
go to.  Matter to be dicussed at
CJAB mtg and then next prison
board mtg.

Central Court status - lease
approved; lease signed by
commissioners but heard PJudge
wants to change it from Central
Court to addition office for APO -
court said she could not further
comment on it saying she was
moving ahead with having the
interior modificiations made and
they will get with the jail to make
sure there is a process to follow so
that the inmates are at the
Central Court when needed.

DOC inspection report status -
Warden failed to put it on the
agenda.  I told him when I write
an agenda item he is to put it on
the agenda.  DOC informed me
that they were onsite Nov 6th and
sent the preliminary report to
Warden/Sheriff on Jan 7th with a
response due Feb 7th.  When I
asked why I was not given a copy
as I asked the Sheriff said he
thought the warden gave it to me
and the warden said nothing.  I
said again that when they get the
report yearly it needs on the
agenda.  Next step:  I am meeting
with deputy warden and warden
tomorrow to review their
responses.  It is a shame because
many of the non compliant issues
were prior non compliant for 2011
and/or 2012 and many of them as I
said before can be easily addressed
while others may take some time
but then again its been since 2011
and nothing.