More On Bad Acts From Fayette Politicians And Judges
While most of the reader mail here regards fiction published here and on other sites and about
Pittsburgh music, more of the local mail in the past two years has contained varying reactions to
local politics.

About every fifth or eighth piece of local mail received is always an anonymous, angry attack,
accusing us of bias in favor of our county's minority commissioner, negative bias against the
incumbent Democrat commissioner or negative bias against judges for huge, avoidable mistakes of
concealing evidence in murder cases made earlier in their careers in the district attorney's office.

The more vicious the attacks against us, the more likely that the cowardly anonymous writers tend
to go through IP masking sites or use cyber cafes to send their sour letters to the editor. But we
call the issues as we see them and make no apologies for any opinion expressed here.

To the two Democratic county commissioners, today we ask just
what is their point of holding
agenda meetings if they intend to forego inclusion at an agenda meeting
all of their non-emergency
issues and topics to be addressed at the next regular meeting? For instance, yesterday the two
Democratic county commissioners introduced and approved motions to hire a Greensburg attorney
to clean up county legal messes and a separate motion and approval vote to continue the human
resource contract with a Greensburg office. We note that the Greensburg attorney hired as a
consultant/interim solicitor and the Greensburg human resource guru both contributed to the
commission chairman's political campaign.

Of course, the minority commissioner disapproved of these motions being made and carried
yesterday because the subjects were not included at the last agenda meeting to be added for
discussion and a vote at yesterday's commissioner meeting.

There really is no point in having agenda meetings if two commissioners slip in non-emergency
motions at the regular meeting, off the agenda meeting's list. It's their power kick, folks! There
really  was a time, too, when news reporters pointed out that deals made in private violated the
Sunshine Law.

For pointing these things out here, in all probability, a few anonymous cowards will take that extra
effort to conceal an IP to blast yours truly again.
Hey, so be it!

To those and the few who more bravely include their real identity, we offer up yet another reason
why this column more often than not praises the minority commissioner. In a nutshell, she seems to
be the only one -- on what now is three different boards of commissioners -- who fully understands
legalities and rules. She should NOT have to be providing all these little sidebar tutorials at public
meetings to stop her fellow commissioners from making inappropriate or illegal motions or actions
that could result in
-- dare we say the word -- lawsuits or even a loss of state or federal funds,
depending on the issue.  

As per today's local papers, the two Dem commissioners were ready and willing to vote on gas well
impact fees at yesterday's meeting, and no doubt would have, had the minority commissioner been
absent -- only the minority commissioner saved them from embarrisingly approving fees without
the benefit of first advertising the rates, as the law so mandates.

The two majority commissioners definitely should know better. They should be equally as
well-versed and knowledgable in the laws governing what they do as the minority commissioner is.

To those readers who chew this editor a new one over what is perceived to be an unfair bias
against the incumbent majority commissioner, we take you back to November last and offer this

When the minority commissioner was not around to stop and protect him from putting his foot in
his mouth, he demonstrated his ignorance of county code and state voting regs in his quotes to the
local papers, that voters could rely on him to make sure that the absentee votes in the last general
election would be counted fairly. In other words, his memorable "one man: one vote" quote was
inappropriately made by someone oblivious to the fact that he was ineligible and forbidden by state
law to actively investigate any voting controversy with absentee ballots, since he himself was on
that same ballot.

As for the periodic updates in our
Rants&Raves and our expanded commentary over his ridiculously
overdue campaign expense reports, lets just say that those continued periodic checks ins with the
election bureau will continue until the incumbent Democratic commissioner files the actual
reports, now almost 4 months overdue. Around here, his late former congressional boss is held in
the highest regard, and if we "pick on" the commissioner, it's also to honor a request from his
former boss... to keep on ranting, when need be, to help make his former aide a better politician
for us. We, quite honestly, expect more from him because he could be a much better leader. Even
the incumbent Democratic commissioner read
this column's fond farewell to his former boss and
sent Kuddos our way for it, in spite of what some readers may think.

As for the negative feedback  fed up with this site's stand on judges whose mistakes of
withholding evidence when they once prosecuted infamous murder cases, please take a gander at
today's local papers. Look at the picture of the smiling murderer from death row. Read how
viciously his young victim was murdered. Read how his new court-mandated lawyers claim that his
victim was
not tortured when he stabbed her 20 times, slashed her throat, chest and abdomen,
broke her ribs, crushed her skull and left her body with other injuries and defense wounds on her
arms. Ask them if this happened to their daughter or friend whether they could give new meaning
to the word torture to represent someone, only because people in the district attorney's office
once hid evidence. They're not God and don't know if she received the defense wounds on her arms
first and died instantly on which ever strike came next.

Try to let the chills down your spine and your goosebumps convince you that she was not "tortured"
and that the judges did nothing wrong years ago when they concealed evidence that gave this man a
new trial and a chance to walk free. So what if he's 50 now and bald! His victim, sadly, is forever
dead and young, and he never once denied killing her.  It is
such a shame that the victim's family
must re-live her murder again because those who wear the robes today concealed evidence when
the case originally was prosecuted.

We continue to stand behind opinions previously expressed here that a few of the former
prosecuters, now judges, are unfit to wear the robe, and that the minority county commissioner
way too often to be the only one who has done her homework.

And, yes, most, most definitely, we fully expect that a few cowards will always rebuttle in
anonymous sour email letters to this editor. With politics, it can be no other way!

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