Patch Hunky blog returns to slam Zap,
    meeting audience        


    RANTS that the Fayette County Patch Hunky blogger came out of hibernation,
    after nearly a year of saying virtually nothing, to dis the audience of the last
    county commissioners' meeting and the second chair for changing his mind on
    Alfie's jail.

    While everyone certainly is entitled to his or her own opinions, the PH let us all
    down when he ignored the last challenges of election nominating petitions and the
    county chair's Sunshine Law violations.

    The PH let us all down when he looked away, as the county chair selected a
    $1.25 million dollar tract of pyrite city land for a new jail and lied, one after
    another shameful time, to the public.

    The PH disappointed us so when he ignored the commish chair's decision not to
    share documents, to say he didn't have documents when he did, and to let an
    illegal notice go out for publication in building trades soliciting jail construction

    Had the anonymous -- well not really anonymous -- PH been plugging away
    writing all these last months, no matter which side of the new jail debate he took,
    he would not be RANTED here today.

    He has every right to say that he felt the audience was unkind to a reporter,
    because it very well was unkind to her.

    He has every right to say a shameful amount of money was wasted with all of
    those 2:1 votes on the new jail, because that is a sorely undeniable fact.

    He has every right, too, to defend the Herald Standard, even after making a
    hobby of establishing a blog that ridiculed that publication, its writers and editors
    for so long.

    Big, huge, whopping RANTS, however, that the PH's sudden reappearance just
    now, is disappointing.

    His return now seems too suspiciously on cue.

    It seems too painfully apparent that, on command, he laid so compliantly silent,
    and now freely allows someone to remove his gag to write.

    22 Aug 14
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