Zapotosky said WHAT???

The other day, a few most disturbing bits of information came our way here, in regard to the Highlands
Hospital-Fayette County contract issue.

Seems that Commissioner Vince Zapotosky, reportedly, made a claim to Highlands staff that he believes
the Highlands CEO has mismanaged the facility. He, reportedly, said this to a worker there days before
the hospital's annual public meeting. Recall that the hospital's annual public meeting report from the
CFO was a glowing review -- i.e., that the hospital is in its best financial shape in over a decade.

The county gave the hospital lemons a year ago, and Highlands, seemingly, has started to turn it all into
some sweet lemonaid.

So we wonder if Zapotosky is just so out of the loop with Highlands that he  did not know that the
hospital made it through, from the black, into the red, in 2012. And we have to wonder if he had been
given incorrect information -- and then from whom -- and believed it. But that he, reportedly, told that
same hospital staff that he wanted to meet to tell the hospital CEO his feelings --that he believes she
has financially mismanaged the joint -- made us gasp.

Whatever his reason, he, of course, should not have said those things to hospital staff.

That he, reportedly, said it made us cringe here.  Why isn't the "interim" county solicitor gagging
Zapotosky from making such awful remarks that put the county in additional jeopardy of being sued?

In a time when there's so much said about the September 13 private meeting that the county scheduled
to have with Highlands Hospital representatives, something else we heard said also made us shake our
heads and sigh.

In addition, the hospital staff also contends that Zapotosky, reportedly, commented that the CEO of
Uniontown Hospital had contacted him to ask for help resolving the inpatient psych contract issue.

We can't forget that Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink added an online comment to an article in the
local paper, stating that she called Highlands' attorney on September 13 to confirm whether he was or
was not attending the private meeting, where everyone else was gathered waiting. She stated that she
mentioned to Zapotosky that she made the call, only to have the two majority commissioners balk and
summon the interim county solicitor to issue a memo, saying that she was to have no contact with
Highlands' attorney/reps.

So lets get this straight... The minority commissioner
cannot contact Highlands' attorney just to confirm
whether he was attending the private meeting,
but a majority commissioner can slam the Highlands
CEO to her staff and take calls from the other hospital CEO to get another meeting scheduled to resolve
problems? The minority commish cannot make one quick call out of courtesy (given all the confusion
that the meeting was on, then off, then on again, etc) to see if the private meeting, where everyone else
was gathered, should be delayed from starting if an out of county attorney was still en route to the
but a majority commish can turn around and tell Highlands' staff this month that he wants
to meet to accuse their boss of incompetence or mismanagement?

Is it any wonder that the mess is such a mess?

We do not need a public meeting without Highlands, unless the director of the county's behavioral
health department cares to explain why she for weeks upon weeks withheld public information that
there was a second county Medicaid inpatient psych contract -- that is, if her bosses first order her to
explain, Lucy, explain.

Nor do we need a public or private meeting in which Zapotosky accuses the Highlands' CEO of
mismanagement. Even if the hospital's annual report were dismal instead of positive, his wreckless
remarks are way out of line.

No, the county does not need another lawsuit, but, goodness, it
so deserves to be hit with one.

13 Mar 13
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