The Election Board Meeting
Memo And Notice: The Emails

Of all the work responsibilities listed on the job description
for the county chief clerk, the role of liaison, to and among the
commissioners, was the one role that threw more red flags at
this house than did the English degree that beat out the MBA,
the attorney, a comptroller and a few accountants who all

As previously stated in "
Amy's New Job," this column sent
out best wishes and the hope that the new clerk would be an
effective liaison who would serve all 3 commissioners
professionally. Does anyone really believe that HR will note
that the whole election board meeting notice thing really did
not go over too well?

We wanted to know more about what exactly transpired to
result in a meeting notice to talk about possible voter fraud
being run in the paper without the names of all 3
commissioners. To gain insight, we contacted the new clerk
and the left-out commissioner for an explanation. We had
hoped in "
A Board's Best Asset" that there really was a valid
reason why the notice was one commissioner short. So the
email was sent:

From: J.D. Toye []
Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 10:05 AM
Subject: election board mtg notice

Ms. Revak,

Is there a valid reason why the election board meeting notice
did not contain the name of all 3 commissioners?

Was Commissioner Zimmerlink on vacation or for some
reason unavailable to reach prior to placing the notice in the

Any input would be appreciated.

Short. Sweet. To the point. Two days later, both Revak and
Zimmerlink replied:

from:     Amy Revak
to:     "J.D. Toye" <>
date:     Tue, May 29, 2012 at 8:34 AM
subject:     RE: election board mtg notice

I appreciate the e-mail, although I must add that it would have
been nice to get e-mails prior to some of the other postings
you have made.

As to why it was not signed by Commissioner Zimmerlink,
only she can answer that.  I know that she was given the
opportunity to sign it and she declined.


While the clerk's opening comment provided a chuckle or
three, her comment that only the commissioner can answer the
question did not seem right. After all, we were not asking the
courthouse janitor or the zoning office this question because,
after all, those folks are not the liaison to the commissioners.

Zimmerlink later responded with all the details that confirmed
that she was unaware of the memo until she, coincidentally,
was shown it and the proposed meeting agenda at the election

from:     Angela Zimmerlink
to:     Julie Toye
date:     Tue, May 29, 2012 at 1:29 PM
subject:     Re: question

On  Tues, May 15th around 1:30pm I walked into the Public
Service Bldg for scheduled Rezoning Hearings.  As I walked in
I noticed to my left the Election Bureau door open with
Commissioner Zapotosky signing something with EB Director
Larry Blosser watching.

I looked at LBlosser and nonchalantly said hey whats up and
he then said here do you want to sign this. LBlosser then
showed me 2 documents. (1) a Legal Notice bearing 2
commissioner signatures with a date/time/purpose of meeting
(2) an Agenda noting purpose of mtg.   (both docs said
Concerns regarding absentee and write-in votes in Bullskin

I said to LBlosser... why has all this been prepared and yet no
one communicated with me on my availability etc.  Larry
looked at me dumbfounded and said I just do what I am told
and I was told by Comm Ambrosini to schedule a meeting and
was given that date/time (May 24th 2pm) and to confirm with
Sheryl Heid's schedule.

I said... Larry I've told you before there are 3 not 2
commissioners and while majority rules ALL 3
Commissioners first must be informed of the Same info then
majority rules.  He then asked ... do you want to sign it?  I
replied... how can I agree to that date and time without looking
at my calendar.  I then said I was late for a Rezoning Hearing
and that I would contact him Wed morning (May 16th)