As Another Election Day Approaches...

This week before Tuesday's primary election has seen some of the oddest kind of political mud slinging in
Fayette's history. And it's a pretty scary thought that there are three full days left before the polls open -- three
more days for it possibly to get even worse than last fall's general election's Mudapalooza.

During tonight's dinner out, it was difficult to ignore overheard conversation from the next table, from a few of
Fayette's senior voters, in the midst of a spirited political debate, well into their second cocktail. During those
first few uncomfortable moments --  which included hearing some negatively biased comments about our
minority Republican commissioner and a few off-the-cuff comments about current and former local politicians
known for their zest for marital infidelity and passive to active involvement with the mob or criminal element --
we considered moving to another table.
Too late!

One of the dining ladies followed me into the ladies' room. She recognized me.

She, from the next stall, strongly urged me to "make and take time" to add to this website the ''truthful" statement
that Commissioner Vince Zapotosky indeed filed his long overdue political campaign expense report late last
week. She
knew it was true. So And So told her that the document dated this month was current, final and
appropriately filed on county record.

Equally as inexcusable, in her opinion, is what she perceived to be my delay in publishing here that state Rep Tim
Mahoney indeed replied to my request for comment on Not Enough Said's contention that his political campaign
paid $5,000 to lawyers preparing private citizen petitions to set aside his Republican opponents' political
nominating petitions.

You see, that same So And So also falsely assured her that Mahoney replied to me, that the state legislator denied
paying for the challenges and that I, again so negligently in her opinion, have just not published that information.

Would she, this voice from the next stall, recognize and believe truth if she read 8 AM reply email today from the
election bureau, confirming that the commissioner still has not filed the expense report? Would she believe that
So And So, who swore that Zapotosky filed the report, lied to her?

Back at the tables, one by one, the ladies, visibly shocked, read today's 8 AM email from my phone and grew
quiet. If So And So lied about the commissioner's expense report filing, one of them wondered aloud what other
lies that So And So might have told them. So And So, it
so appeared, was their trusted political guru of sorts.

As their dessert arrived, the ladies' focus turned to asking me questions.

What about Mahoney not taking phone call questions today on local talk radio? What about Dan Gearing
writing a letter to voters to discredit his brother Gary? Was that to encourage votes to Gary's opponent, the
incumbent Mahoney? What about the $5,000 on Mahoney's campaign expense report that Not Enough Said
believes paid to try to toss out the Republican nominating petitions?

While county commissioners, of course, are not running in Tuesday's election, discrediting at least one of them
seems too coincidental this week to be anything other than an organized diversion attempt by some to change the
subject -- possibly to distract from questions that Not Enough Said raised by blogging about Mahoney's $5,000
campaign expense. And because a newcomer political wannabe sometimes can unseat an incumbent, and
because some toxic water really is thicker than blood, we've seen brother turn on brother -- possibly to try to
help win an election outside the family or maybe just to vent over family rivalries to gain peace of mind. The
latter might seem more believable to more outsiders, however, if there were no similarities in the
printing/publishing and mailing of the elder Gearing's letter against his campaigning brother and Mahoney's SOS
letter the next day sent to Republicans asking for their help and votes in the next general election. Both letters
didn't sit well with any of the ladies dining at the next table.

Mahoney certainly was within his rights not to take calls on the radio talk show today. Truth be told, not many
campaigning given a free hour of radio air time so close to an election probably would have taken any or many
calls, either, if given a choice.

But you'd think that Mahoney would have wanted to clear the air about the $5,000 expense question, if he gave a
truthful statement to the local paper last month denying any involvement in trying  to toss his Republican
opponents from Tuesday's primary ballot.

Not Enough Said could be wrong to have fingered Mahoney for lying to the local paper, without having a
statement from the lawyers that they, indeed, were paid $5,000 by Mahoney's campaign committee to try to toss
the Republicans from his primary ballot.

Mahoney didn't have to dwell on the subject today any longer than a few seconds on air, and then he could have
simply moved on to other conversation.

Democrats who do or do not listen to local talk radio deserve to hear him clear the air before Tuesday's primary.
At least that's how this Democrat and two of my four new fast pals from the next table at dinner feel.

20 Apr 12
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