At one point, I stopped writing these music articles because it didn't make sense to me
to continue the series.  One special friend, James King, whom I wanted to write about,
had passed away. Another who will remain nameless was too impaired by drugs for
me to want to interview him without kicking his ass.

And then there was
the Frank Czuri, who I thought would never allow an interview
or would be too busy as a member of Pure Gold rehearsing and filming all those PBS
music series to be interviewed. I remember telling Norman Nardini that I wanted
badly to include an article about Frank because the series just would be incomplete
without it. They had not been in touch for years, so I did not expect anything to

I still keep the email which Norman sent me soon thereafter saying Frank wanted me
to call him. I screamed  like a teenager. My favorite singer, my numero uno,  No. 1
favorite singer, had agreed to an interview and I was thrilled. The closer it came to
sending the story off to the editor, I still had no photo. Pure Gold was in Atlantic City
rehearsing to film for PBS and cutting another album. Frank was so busy then, which
made it all the more special that he took time out to talk to some unknown writer
from the sticks. Highland House owner Jeff May had found an old unopened box from
1980 containing old band publicity photos in one of the upstairs hotel rooms. Jeff
graciously took down the photo of the Silencers that he had just framed and bolted to
the wall, so I had my photo for the paper. And what a good old  photo it was.....
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