Off the wall Internet searches that got some people to this site:
Fayette County employees who drink on the job (Commentary)
Rolling papers made from tampon wrappers ("Kids To Feed")
Projectile Vomiting ("I miss the ex tonight)
Lane Bryant Employee Dress Code ("The Dress Code"  although the store's name does
not appear in the story)
Old hags on pot ("Get A Life")
Women who lick icing from men's fingers ("Get A Life")
Secret passage ways in houses ("Secret Passage Ways")
Are capris ok to wear to work? (The Dress Code")
Women who have sex in a car while teen son is nearby ("Ace In A Hole")
Women who touch their breasts at work ("Get A Life")
Staff to staff shoving and pushing ("Rants&Raves")
Civil servants on drugs ("Kids To Feed")
Do I have to wear underwear to work? ("The Dress Code")
Can I wear a thong to work? ("The Dress Code")
Should I take Clozaril or Zyprexa? ("Ace In A Hole")
Bosses who smoke pot ("Get A Life")
My coworker is a perv ("Get A Life")
My insurance adjuster doesn't believe that the deer hit my stopped car ("Deer
Hunter Revisited")
Angela Zimmerlink's MySpace page ("Rants&Raves"... although she did not appear to
have such a page)
Old ladies who gamble ("This Thankful Thanksgiving")
Did I pay too much for my 1953 antique watch? ("The Writer")
My boyfriend smells his own armpits ("Ace In A Hole")
Prices for a dental prosthesis ("Ace In A Hole")
Pretty uncles in drag ("A Single Man")
Can lesbians be intrigued with men? ("A Single Man")
Elderly people making out on the subway ("A Single Man")
Loud obnoxious barflies ("Blondie")
Alcoholics who pee their pants ("Blondie")
Can I take the incline to a Pirate Game? ("McGregor")
Deer who crash into parked cars ("The Deer Hunter Revisited")
Buccala recipes ("This Thankful Thanksgiving")
Must buccala stink like fish? ("This Thankful Thanksgiving")
Julie Toye who murdered her husband in England (not me)
Juls Cafini with long dark hair from Australia (not me, no relation)
Julie Toye Canadian physician (not me)
Julie Toye whose boss hung her photo in a bar  (me,
euro interview)
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