County suspends all action
    regarding the new jail...  
    basically, till it's done right

       Exactly how long it will take for Dr. Evelyn Hovanec's new hip to fully heal for her to
       do the Happy Dance is unknown.

       Speaking from home, after hearing that the county commissioners voted to amend
       today's agenda to include what ended up being a motion, resolution and 2-1 vote to
       suspend all action regarding the new jail to explore other options, Hovanec, who started
       the county Referendum Group to oppose an all-new jail until other alternatives were
       explored,  was simply elated to hear the news.

       "This could have happened last year, and should have happened last year," she said,
       echoing sentiments expressed earlier by others at the meeting. Still, she was elated.

       Today, Hovanec's cousin, Commission Chairman Al Ambrosini, took his share of shots
       from the public for stubbornly refusing to look at alternatives.  So did Commissioner
       Vince Zapotosky to a smaller extent.

       Hovanec, at a February public meeting, forewarned her cousin that she would be "a
       thorn in his side" until other options were explored. She is an admirable woman of her

       RAVES to Hovanec, Ralph and Jerri Mazza, John Cofchin, Dave Show, Terry and
       Diane Kriss, John Buchanon for their tireless work of putting a fire under the rest of our
       butts to try to change Fayette for the better. That list cannot be complete without
       mentioning Neuman and Marybeth Homistek. Homistek got turned into Homeland
       Security and probably can't board a plane because of her strong conviction to this

       As an earlier piece written today stated, the wrong group of people in this county
       were unfairly labeled Obstructionists. I'm no longer suggesting or merely hinting at it.
       I'm insisting that is the case. And all that really must change.   

     19 Aug 14
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