Tells Kriss Hell's coming to his back yard
    Al's after meeting comments
    keep speaking volumes

    Fay Penn should be mad as hornets that Fayette County Commissioner Al
    Ambrosini took it upon himself to be that entity's spokesperson, who
    announced what sounds to be a significant land purchase deal and company
    or business operation, moving in the Dunbar Township land once considered
    for a new county jail.

    While Ambrosini, ousted as commish chairman in recent months, usually
    speaks privately to the press after mute or near mute communication from
    him during public meetings, he two days ago turned to a private citizen after
    a pubic meeting to vent thoughts and introduced first-mention of the pending
    relocation of Hell over the hill from Kriss' historic home.  

    From the sounds of it, Ambrosini turned to and approached the private citizen
    to beam and gloat.

    Following Thursday's special meeting to appoint county board and authority
    members, citizen Terry Kriss, owner of the historic Meason House near
    Laurel Mall and opponent of a county jail being built there, said that
    Ambrosini approached him to taunt that something more imaginably worse
    than a prison will now be built there.

    "Al came up to me and said, 'If you didn’t like a prison behind your
    house, there is something even more detrimental to be built there, as
    Fay Penn sold that property for even more than the county's $1.25 million  

    While Ambrosini had arranged to purchase the land from Fay Penn without
    bids in meetings largely conducted privately, the former county commish
    chair, of course, did not tell Kriss how he came to know this supposed new

    Nothing about a land deal or new company moving into the area has been
    mentioned on the organization's website or area newspapers. No new sales
    or transfers of land have been recorded on the county's property
    assessment website.  

    Whether Ambrosini was telling Kriss the truth is unknown. Was he just
    joshing to try to anger Kriss or see if he could get Kriss' blood pressure to
    rise and rival his own?

    Or was Ambrosini simply off again, in Al-la-la-land, babbling on with

    Nothing about this claim from Ambrosini has been mentioned yet in the
    media. An email was sent to him recently, asking for comment. When Hell
    freezes over, a reply may come.

    I trust the media's lack of coverage of Ambrosini's statement that something
    horrible is coming to Kriss' back yard and the Dunbar Township land means
    that the media has investigated and found Ambrosini's claim to be unfounded.

    Otherwise, we're left hanging not knowing if Ambrosini's thoughts are
    delusions or lies, until someone formally makes an announcement or applies
    for zoning special exceptions or variances.

    Editor's Note:  
    What's sadder or more pathetic about Ambrosini taunting Kriss like this
    after a public meeting is that Ambrosini still doesn't get the fact that all but
    one Mt.
    Braddock family and business signed the Referendum Group's petitions to
    place a referendum question on the ballot, asking for people to decide
    whether to spend $40 million dollars on a pyrite money pit for a jail.  

    Most importantly, he doesn't get it yet that he has taken Fayette 50 steps
    backward into progress and change with his reckless spending, personality
    indifference, back room meetings and his genuinely goofy logic
    demonstrated on too many occasions to minimize as being understandable
    or excusable.

    Why is he afraid to speak much at public meetings and, for the most part,
    instead, run his mouth after meetings?

    The better questions to ask might be why is Ambrosini so afraid of rebuttal
    when two other commissioners are seated by him in a public meeting, and
    what personality disorder exists that includes a compulsion to taunt Kriss,
    after a public meeting with a sarcastic news flash that Hell will soon will
    open up behind the Meason House?  (10 Jan 15)