"Neuman's Quote Of The Day"

    "The whole reason the "Adventures of Alfred and Vincent" came about was due to
    the cartoonish comedic similarities between Alfred Ambrosini and Alfred E.

    Neuman, satire writer, today -- or so the person claimed to be -- commenting on
    his motivation for writing the popular underground adventure series, sending
    these above photographs of Ambrosini and the MAD cartoon character, to
    illustrate those referenced cartoonish, comedic similarities.

    Thanks, Neuman -- if that's who you really were -- for the contribution of quote,
    photos and visuals at the link above.

    The artsy photo contribution is so appreciated. It somewhat helped ease the pain of
    losing a talented but spineless illustrator, who quickly bowed to political pressure
    on him, by certain county Democrats, not to draw here under any name. (6 Jan 14)