O'Keefe's awkward, extended silence: no, really, nobody died


    When Tuesday's primary race for county commissioner first came down to what seemed to be an eternity, for 7
    remaining voting precincts to report tallies, and it appeared the minority commissioner incumbent was comfortably in
    the lead, those watching an election night web cast from a local newspaper editor, Mark O'Keefe of the Herald
    Standard, saw his awkward moments of silence and shock.

    "Silence is golden," he finally said, following an extended period of awkward silence on his part. The silent gap in
    audio was unusually long enough to send some watching his newspaper's election result web cast over to adjust
    speakers, thought possibly to be not working.

    Why the editor grew shocked and silent demonstrates a sad commentary on the political climate here. Anyone
    watching his post election web cast couldn't help but notice his personal upset.

    "He read results and I thought he would move right along on to other races, without insults, when near final results
    showed (Commissioner Angela) Zimmerlink with a comfortable Republican primary lead. O'Keefe couldn't do that,

    That reader here was correct. The editor childishly insulted Zimmerlink's lead, which, in his opinion, should have
    exceeded her 29% of the vote with 3 opponents. RAVES to the interrupting second on camera webcast panelist, for
    pointing out that Commissioner Al Ambrosini came in way behind his Democrat opponent, with a far larger gap
    between him and his Democrat challenger.

    On incumbent Ambrosini's showing, coming in with 6,747 votes compared to his opponent's 9,988 total, the
    newspaper editor seemed not to want to address it or throw a similar dig of insult Ambrosini's way -- i.e., for
    example, for not even having close to the same amount of votes as his only Democrat primary challenger got.

    That 3,241 Democrat voters either left one vote blank or wrote in another name not to vote for Ambrosini was
    significant enough a result to draw an editorial comment or gasp.  

    Instead, however, there was that awkward, extended moment or ten of silence, as though someone had died.

    Well, nobody died.

    Voters made choices that the editor of the local paper seemed to disbelieve, during his long, extended period of
    awkward silence and shock. In spite of all of his long-time Zimmerlink bashing, O'Keefe having black and white proof
    that voters ignored many of the paper's political candidate endorsements and news stories and editorials bashing her
    with incorrect information that the paper never thought ethically needed corrected.

    Silence is golden sometimes. In this instance, the local editor's extended, awkward, unusually long period of silence,
    while the web cast was aired, was insulting to Zimmerlink, the editor's election night web cast viewers and even some
    of his own embarrassed staff.  

    The extended, awkward, unusually period of silence spoke volumes about the inherent bias of his that the hometown
    editor allows to affect his work and negatively influence some of the more easily duped minds in the community.

    RAVES that the thinking public saw right through it.

    22 May 15
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