Weirder things have happened, so, generally speaking, that
    Fayette County Commissioners Vince Zapotosky and Al
    Ambrosini seem to have kissed and made up enough to stop
    bickering is no surprise or real shock.

    Weirder things have happened, remember.

    There is just one last troublesome thing, though, about those
    mended fences.

    A few things said during the seasons of their discontent with one
    another cannot just be overlooked and forgotten. One such
    thought of the utmost significance simply cannot be taken back.

    It should not the a role of a blogger and people who read here,
    not in elected office or not employed in public service, to raise
    these questions, you know.

    Since Zapotosky said at a public meeting -- the October, 2014
    monthly county agenda meeting -- that he was privy to the name
    of the contractor already selected to build a new county jail,
    before the project was properly put out for the bidding process,
    to date, his bombshell information or claim of his that county
    code, policy and law were all breached with bid rigging, has yet
    to make it either of the two local newspapers that follow county

    Was Zapotosky telling the truth that day?

    Was he lying?

    Zapotosky, certainly, did not appear to be exaggerating or lying,
    when this shameful accusation came from his mouth at that
    public meeting.

    In fact, Zaptosky seemed dead serious when he said that he
    knew prior to bidding which contractor was getting the new jail
    construction contract.

    Even after Zap's claim of bid rigging?
    Have Zap and Al really made up?

    Ambrosini, meanwhile, never offered comment, explanation or
    rebuttal of any kind that day at the meeting, when Zapotosky put
    the shameful claim on the meeting table.

    This alleged activity, which Zapotosky said he was aware of going
    on behind the public's back, was significant for other reasons.

    This alleged activity, which Zapotosky claimed happened, was
    another hot topic that both local newspapers have walked ten miles
    to avoid writing about for us.

    Zapotosky's claim --  that the construction contract was to go to one
    specific contractor, regardless of who came to bid on the project
    when it was time -- was one matter that Ambrosini has kept quiet on
    since the allegation was made.

    Ambrosini, in other words, did not plop down his usual self into the
    newspaper a day or two later, vehemently denying Zapotosky's
    claims. He has been absolutely silent on the matter.

    Which can mean only one or three things, right?

    Zapotosky was lying when he said it, he has since forgiven
    Ambrosini for alleged conspiracy to commit bid rigging or the whole
    matter is being investigated quietly by the feds and could blow up at
    any time.

    Fayette County citizens deserve to know the whole story.

    31 May 15
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    Editor's Note: Emails were not returned from county commissioners, asked for comment
    around the time of Zapotosky's announcement that he was privy to the name of the
    contractor chosen, without bids, to build the since-shelved county prison in Dunbar.