Who gives a rat's tail?

Just who really gives a rat's tail about politics and government in Fayette County?

Apparently, people online from these cyber providers do: Verizon customers from Pittsburgh,
Greensburg, Bethel Park, New Kensington, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Waynesburg, Coraopolis,
Pawtucket, NYC, Oakmont, Carnegie, Monroeville, Argyle, Ashville, Aston, Baltimore,
California, Waynesburg, Torrance, Antioch, Denver, Phoenix, Moses Lake, Walnut Creek,
Reseda, Hesperia, Sharpsville, Mount Ephraim, Seattle, New Brighton, New Castle;
Philadelphia Temple University; Charleston Medical University Of South Carolina; Morgantown
West Virginia University; Brownsville California University Of Pennsylvania; Chicago
Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Buffalo Fm Business, Falls Church Fhc Health Systems;
Huntsville Wideopenwest Finance; Pittsburgh Upmc; United States Washington U.s. Dept. Of
Health & Human Service/office Of Inspector General;  Philadelphia Xo Communications; and
the Ashburn Private Industry Council.     

Other ways some arrive here for Fayette County info are through servers/internets that include
Columbus Alentus Corporation, Pennsauken America Online, Fremont Active Media,  Orlando
Road Runner, Seattle Dme Hosting,  Morgantown Mepco, Chicago Nobis Technology Group
Llc, Norwalk Optimum, Farmington Research In Motion,  Huntsville Hughes Network,  
Indianola Qcol, Swanton Qcol,  Holland Interserver, NEW JERSEY INTERNATIONAL
INTERNET EXCHANGE; Atlantic Broadband of Uniontown, Johnstown, Hibbs; Allentown
America Online; Armstrong customers from Sarver, Gibsonia, Connellsville, Mount Pleasant,
Scottdale; Fairport Paetec Communication; Williamsville Scott Hall, Pennsauken America;
Miami Colopronto; Easton Coretel America; Comcast readers from Pittsburgh, Somerset,
Ellicott City, Derry, Morgantown, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh Business Comcast.

While I realize that there appear to be some misspellings above and some wordings or letters in
upper or lower case that don't appear to be quite right, these were copied as received from this
site's web provider traffic data reports. The above are a sampling of some, but not all of this
site's Fayette info readers, who, obviously, do give a rat's tail.

There are no statistics on how many readers actually write in here, but an impressive number
provide real names and honest opinions on how our county and region are governed. Whether we
agree or disagree, readers seem comfortable with expressing input.

Besides being criticized for being a Democrat who openly supported a Republican candidate in
the last election of county commissioners, I also receive flack from some Democrats for
endorsing the current county commish chair in that same election. True, while this website
endorsed candidate Al Ambrosini for commissioner a few years ago, nobody here remained
proud of that fact for very long after the election, either.

Infact, this editor sometimes feels the heat from some who openly still support him, although that
shouldn't come as a shock. I can't help but notice, however, that even some of them, away from
the crowd, have whispered concerns that confirm that we might be on different paragraphs, but
really are still on the same very page. Real friends tell friends the truth, whether they want to
hear it or not. Why aren't Ambrosini's friends telling him that Fayette's negative reputation for
being a breeding ground for corruption is now worse?

Exactly who will be our next Democrat commissioners is anyone's guess at this time. While
there is still plenty of time before the next election, party leaders seriously need to realize that
they need to start grooming more than one candidate. This week we learned of another employer
leaving Fayette, BAE Systems government contracting, with the loss of another 80 or so good
jobs. This follows, of course, Uniontown Hospital's recent decision to eliminate a few
departments and furlough 70, Hatfield power plant's scheduled shut down that affects county
residents as well and jobs lost at Highlands Hospital last year.  

By the time Fayette's next board of commissioners is elected, Fayette residents likely will have
received at least one additional property tax increase. We're betting two.

As of yet, the county controller nor the county commish chair has ruled out that tax increases to
run the county and pay for a new prison will not be needed. They have to know that there's no
way around it -- that is, unless, of course, the casino revenue, magically, can more than cover the

The next board of commissioners in Fayette, meanwhile, will have to be comprised of magicians
of sorts themselves to cover costs without tax increases -- you know, should casino revenue not
be all what we hoped for, once gas well impact fees stop. The next county commissioners,
otherwise, will have to be able to pull feisty rabbits holding good, blank gift checks from their
hats to cover future budgets. Who will want the job cleaning up this mess?

really gives a rat's tail about what happens in Fayette County? May the best next
Democratic commissioner candidates appear on the scene soon. Please.

6 Sept 13
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