"QuotesThat The Papers
Ever So Shamefully
Not To Tell You"

"The (county housing authority) chairman looked
at the (reporter covering the public meeting) and
said '
don't put that in the paper.' Are these the
kinds of people you're appointing to the boards? I
haven't found too many honest people in the
world on these boards... and (referring to the news
reporter) she didn't put it in the paper!"
Bev Beal, at Tuesday's county commission meeting, public
comment on agenda items, including board appointments,
describing that she said at a public meeting to her fellow county
housing authority board members, weeks before 14 candidates
interviewed for a job; Beal told commissioners that she already
knew who was being hired and relayed that she publicly asked
her housing authority board why even bother putting 13 people
needlessly through interviews; Beal relaying to commissioners
that the housing authority chairman interrupted the public
meeting to instruct the press
not to print Beal's comment. Beal
was referring to one specific paper and reporter covering the
housing authority meeting prior to job interviews being held.
However, it is noted here that none of her comments this week
regarding the integrity of county appointed board members and
the press' selective coverage to support "behind the scene"
decisions and corruption were noted in the media then or in the
Herald Standard or Trib this week covering the county
commissioners' meeting.

"What the hell are you trying to say?"
Al Ambrosini, raising his voice a bit, to a citizen he overheard
ask another commissioner about the father-son relationship of
the city sewage officer and the county jail work group leader
who selected the Iowa Street building in need of sewage plan
approval in the FEMA flood zone. The citizen reports here that
Ambrosini laughed at her for raising a possible question of
conflict of interest. She's not the only one to ask, however, why
another engineer wasn't writing those initial letters to the city
and county in the first place to avoid all possible inferences of
conflict of interest. Of course, media attending this week's
county board of commission meeting had selective hearing and
did not report in the paper Ambrosini's language and tone to
the citizen.

"This Week's Best Quote
That The Papers Weren't
Around To Hear... But
Wouldn't Have Printed

"Why in the hell did you give her those papers?
Al Ambrosini, thinking he's invisible, out in public, to someone
from the engineer's office, asking why the office copied and
sold to a citizen the Crabtree renovation design for 32 Iowa
Street and the county's zoning application, bearing Ambrosini's
signature on it and payment noted of $550 received. The citizen
brought the paperwork to the public meeting this week and
critiqued its mistakes and flaws. Ambrosini said at the meeting
that he had not seen the paperwork. Why is it that everyone
but Ambrosini already knew the answer to his pointless
question to the engineer is "because they're public documents
and the woman requested and paid for copies to be made."

24 Jan 14
Copyright Protected
"Entire Key Points
Both Newspapers
At The Meeting

Was there already a behind
the scenes deal made
without seeking, getting,
reviewing and awarding
Requests for Proposals?

Majority Commissioners,
Solicitor depend once again
on minority commissioner
for protocol tutorials to do
it right

"Fellow Commissioners wanted to
approve acquiring a $10 million tax
exempt loan for costs associated
with the CYS new addition, new jail
and womens annex modifications.
They were unable to provide
me/public with a breakdown of the
funds saying it is believed the annex
modifications could reach $300,000.  
After my comments that a vote
should not be to acquire, county
solicitor finally interjected providing
fellow Commissioners with language
for the Resolution to seek a RFP
from financial institutions."
Angela Zimmerlink, from her blog
@the Commisssioners' Meeting