Al and Steve's exchange: nobody but Al forgot
    about it

    Last we left them on February 26, Commission Chairman Al Ambrosini was
    assuring Mt. Braddock Industrial Park business owner, Steve Laskey, that
    he was "sure that whatever needs to be upgraded will be done

    Ambrosini, of course, was referencing site flooding that causes sewage back
    ups, as shown starting shortly after the start of this video.

    However, nowhere in the discussions that unfolded this week at the zoning
    board hearing or planning commission meeting by jail developers was
    flooding really mentioned.

    That is, of course, except for Rob Sleighter, the new jail engineer,
    referencing flooding being a problem not at the proposed jail site, but
    towards Ferguson Road.

    In other words, everyone has forgotten about Ambrosini's February promises
    to Laskey that things will improve for him. Laskey's property is farther south
    and at a lower elevation than is Ferguson Road.

    For a while, it seemed, a solution might have been underway, with
    Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink saying she wanted to request that some of
    Act 13 funds be applied to a project to fix a county redevelopment error that
    disconnected the flow of run off water to Gist Run.

    When it became known that Laskey filed a suit against the redevelopment
    authority, however, she had to stop in her tracks of trying to remedy the

    Why can't the county for a minute forget that the businessman filed a suit?
    Facts are that the flooding that Laskey has experienced was man made, at
    the county's direction during previous development. And, of course, Laskey
    isn't the only one in a bad place.

    Laskey's new neighbor in the industrial park is just a few yards away from
    Laskey's door on the right. The new business has invested a ton of money
    into the building and business.

    If the county's at a stalemate with or perturbed with Laskey for filing a
    lawsuit, then correct the problem for the new business. It's only a matter of
    time till the newbie gets flooded, as the former owner of that property has
    documents proving that the water table for the pod is only 8 inches.

    Right up the street of these two properties, to the right and over the railroad
    tracks is the site of the proposed new jail. Back to Ambrosini and Laskey's
    exchange on February 26, it's disappointing to hear that nothing whatsoever
    is in the works to resolve the flooding problem for paying customers, who
    already trusted county agents selling land and bona fide industrial park pads
    as prime land.

    Contrary to what Ambrosini said on February 26, one has to wonder just why
    Ambrosini would believe, as he told Laskey, that "there's going to be

    Since Ambrosini announced 4 days ago that he plans to market and sell the
    surrounding lots of the new jail for profit, he has to know and realize that only
    non-profits that will be funded with public money will want to have
    associations and dealings with a county that screwed over past buyers.

    Seriously, who but agencies funded with public money would want to
    purchase land right next to a jail or any neighbor, when the seller didn't make
    good on past problems?

    Although the county engineer said 4 days ago that he was only spouting
    ideas and not previously discussed plans with county officials when he said
    to the media that a prison related business such as a food service company
    might be a neighbor of the jail, one has to wonder where he may have got
    that notion to say it aloud.

    And one has to wonder why the engineer himself didn't chose to build his
    new office in the jail's business park, instead of across 119, next to the state
    police barracks, with a low interest business loan through Fay Penn.  

    Contrary to what Ambrosini told Laskey on February 26, the flooding
    problem at Mt. Braddock Industrial Park has been forgotten about. So have
    the water pipes that burst up through the ground, from all the movement that
    flooding caused for the former owners of Laskey's neighbor's property.

    As per a study from K2 Engineering of the problem, "There are currently no
    drainage channels through the Holt-Bugbee and DMC properties that connect
    the western portion of the watershed, or the diverted storm water runoff
    from the Universal Drilling development north of the railroad into Gist Run."

    As a result, the mine underneath acts as a sump and businesses such as
    Laskey's gets flooded "when the mine is full and the water has nowhere else
    to go."

    Flooding is only a problem near Ferguson Road, the county's engineer said
    at a recent public meeting, indicating that flooding won't be a problem for the
    new jail and adjoining lots. They're all content with leaving it that way, it
    appears. They're all content with leaving the flooding a piece south of the
    railroad tracks instead of fixing the problem and reconnecting the water to
    Gist Run.

    Who else but non-profits that operate with public funds will want to buy
    property again from a county that didn't fix its own problems that it created
    for past buyers?

    As said, the county's engineer wasn't buying into the Ambrosini's vision for
    development for his own business to share with the county jail architect.

    No. They opted for good, solid ground in a nearby business park for good

    11 May 14
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