Record Of The Year
2009   Bill Toms & Hard Rain
... ...........Live At
......... ......Another
Moonlight Mystery

#2: Joe Grushecky &The Houserockers:
.......East Carson Street

2008  Bill Toms - Spirits, Chaos
And A Troubadour Soul

Most Honorable Mention:
"All Shook Up: A Musical Memorial To
Paul Shook,"  Moondog Records

2007  CD: Tom Breiding -    
The Unbroken Circle
Song: Scott Blasey -
Time To Go

Joe Grushecky -
A Good Life
Billy Price/Band -
East End Avenue

2005   Bill Toms & Hard Rain -
The West End Kid

2004  Norman Nardini -
2010  There is no Pittsburgh Record of the Year
this year!
2011 Tie:
Bill Toms - Memphis
Norman Nardini - Bone A Fide
J.J. Burner- Roll On
Song:  "Little Wing" Tribute To Glenn  
Pavone by Jack Delaney, Kelsey Friday and
Rick Witkowski