So Will Lohr Want Every Vote Recounted?

While Republican challenger Dave Lohr came in last again following the court-ordered election
ballot recount Thursday, in 5 Fayette County polling sites, he
did prove his point, nonetheless.
Human error or voter fraud did occur, when the recount noted that two previously uncounted
votes for one Democrat and another vote that fell through the cracks for another Democrat were

While Lohr did not find at least 19 votes for himself out there on paper ballots that he wanted
recounted in those 5 districts, his recount showed that there, in fact, was a case of human error
or an intentional disregard and/or inaction taken, with at least three uncast votes that would not
have counted otherwise. So what happens with Lohr's discovery?

Only one of two things can -- with one being nothing, except add to the Democratic counts the
three uncast votes... which is what has happened. At least so far.

The rest of the elected offices moved on with office vote certification, except for the office of
commissioner, a day or so before the paper ballots from Lohr's chosen 5 precincts were
recounted.  Lohr's latest court action that gave the two Democrats three additional votes, might
be enough to discourage Lohr from appealing anything else. The commissioner's race may end, then,
with Angela Zimmerlink winning with that 18-vote lead.

Would it not make sense, however, that Lohr would want a recount of the whole county November
general election? If I were him, I might ask for a recount in each of the county's voting precincts,
and not just in the 5 that he selected.

Lohr's recount showed that three votes were missed and not cast in the 8Nov11 election. Should it
not be a county or state entity overseeing voter integrity that steps in to ask for a recount of all
ballots if that is going to happen? Dave Lohr -- or any candidate at this point -- should not have to
pay to recount the rest of the county's paper ballots, either.

The issue went from being a Dave Lohr thing, to a statement about a flawed election process,
when three votes turned up that were overlooked on 8Nov11 election day.

And to be fair, no more votes should be dissected in the commissioner's race, unless
all paper
ballots are recounted, for all races on the county ballot.

Whether Lohr concedes the race for the third seat on the county board of commissioners, or
exhausts all appeals is to be said. It seems so unlikely that having a county-wide recount would get
Lohr, specifically, where he wants to be.

But if he motions for that recount or the county or state initiates a total recount, I can indulge
anyone that one last shot at it before moving on or anyone conceding. Dragging it out any further
with appeals, however, is such a waste of time. But the three uncast or forgotten paper ballots
that the recount turned up... well, we can't just ignore that three votes almost weren't opened and
almost didn't count.

The rest of the paper ballots need counted.

The county, definitely, needs to know where the problem areas are for correction the next time.
All votes need to count.

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